Sunday, February 28, 2010

9 Months

The little man is 9 months today, such a big boy!!! Here are the pictures from today:)Love how he is grabbing his feet here:)
And I love the one below because of those gorgeous long lashes and chubby baby hands!!!
It is becoming increasingly difficult to take these pictures because Kieran is such a busy boy now! He is so not content to sit still for too long! At 9 months:
  • he is crawling super fast everywhere and pulling up on things. He lets go and lands on his butt and without even hesitating, he is off to the next thing to explore:)
  • has made the Mama and Dada love love when he calls us by our names:)
  • has started to eat some non-mush foods such as peas, carrots, bananas (his fave!), biscuits, pancakes (without syrup of course!), cheese, beans, pasta...I think that's it?
  • is starting to play the cause and effect game-throwing something down and we pick it up and he does it again. He really likes to do this in the backseat with Aislynn:)
  • has 6 teeth
  • tries to flip over when I am changing his diaper
  • is still a smiley sweet boy. I am loving this little personality that he is showing us more and more everyday!!! Here is a picture I took the other day. This was a tough week...Kieran was teething and didn't sleep well, so I got bad sleep and Aislynn was acting up a little more than normal...LOTS of looooooooooooong days. However, tomorrow is a fresh week, so I am going to sign off and make sure I get some sleep to prepare for it:)


Scrap Candy said...

Precious. Seriously loving the colors on the kids in that last pic. Looks like you will be getting some serious focused smiles from here on out! That is one gorgeous picture and I think A's long hair is so pretty!

Brynne said...

Hope you have a better week! I can't believe that he is already 9 months, it seems like you just called me a few weeks ago and said you were going into labor. I love his hair and I love the pic of the 2 kiddos!

Phillip Perry said...

He is growing up too quick! Gotta come visit soon. Love the photo of K and A.