Friday, February 19, 2010


She cracks me up with some of the things she says. The other day, while eating lunch, she said "You know what Mom? You're so cute. You're so cute because you sing me cute songs before I'm almost asleep." Ha! I think she is the one who is cute;)I have had a little note pad in the diaper bag for awhile now, and we she says something that is particularly funny, I write it down so I don't forget it. I thought I would share them I have a better record of it:)
  • She calls the baby monitor a thermometer.
  • She thinks sneezing is called matter how many times I correct her, she still calls it this:)
  • When Kieran is babbling really loud she tells him to stop being such a noxious.
  • She told me Santa was her favorite guy, and I said, what about Dad? She said oh yeah, Dad and Kieran too. Santa, Dad, and Kieran are my favorite guys.
  • She told me "When I'm a grown up, I will like zucchini and squash."
  • She thought my birthday was in "jingleberry."
  • She wanted to order her dinner at Cracker Barrel (scrambled eggs) and she ordered "soft, yellow eggs."
  • On Sesame Street, they were singing "Where is Thumbkin." Then they sang it in Spanish. She started pointing to things with her thumb and saying that is how you point in Spanish.
  • She calls NPR the talking music.
  • One night she woke up and the door to our room was locked :) and when I went to tuck her back in bed, she told me to never lock the door again because it breaks her heart.
  • When Kieran was really really little, he kicked a toy off his playmat and Aislynn told him he was going to go in timeout when he is a grown up.
  • If you know about Thomas the Tank Engine, you know it's a big deal to be a really useful engine. One time I was cleaning up the kitchen and she told me, "Thanks Mom. You are so useful."
  • When we were at Epcot this last time, she was saying something about the year before when we went and she referred to it as "last day and long ago."

That's all I have right now...she is too funny sometimes:)


Scrap Candy said...

What a smart girl! We need to see a Aislynn-ism page really soon! I've gotta admit... I love the pointing thumb and I've heard the one about the "locked door" here at my house a time or two ;)

Jakki said...

with K everything happens "yesterday". "mom remember when we went to that place (meaning disneyland) yesterday, can we go again when logan gets bigger" love there since of time :)
and K likes to leave her door a little open, and promises me she wont cut her finger (a mirror on the back of her door, combine with a temper tantrum, and an almost trip to the ER to stop the bleeding) but A's is cute :)

Phillip Perry said...

That's a great idea to keep a journal of these because those quotes are priceless!

Shelstan said...

I am so glad you wrote these down! I can't wait to read about them again on future layouts!