Saturday, February 6, 2010

This week...

I wanted to focus on getting more everyday type shots, and I took pictures everyday except for 1-yay!Some highlights from our week:
  • Kieran is crawling...for real. He can move so fast now and this has opened up a whole new world for him to explore. So far, he loves going to the entertainment stand and pulling the dvd's off and he goes to one of the end tables. For the longest time, he was going there to get this cake/recipe magazine and he would try to eat it. Finally I got the bright idea (duh!) to move it, but he keeps going to the shelf. I think he is looking for it;) So now, I don't really need to exercise...chasing a super fast crawler who tries to get into everything is exercise enough:)

  • I am starting to let Kieran try big kid foods. I tried about 3 weeks ago with some bananas, but he mainly just wanted to mush them. This time he tried to eat them and he liked them, although the slippery little things kept falling into his lap:) Now I remember just how messy babies can get. I think he needs to start eating with no clothes on;)

  • Aislynn made valentines...I hope she isn't too disappointed on Valentine's Day. I think she thinks it is like Christmas or something. This morning we went to Michaels for a little make and take Valentine's mailbox and card and afterwards she told me that on Valentine's Day she was going to wake up Shaun and I and yell "Happy Valentine's Day" and we could all go downstairs together.
  • We also played with playdough a of those things we couldn't really do with her cast on:)
  • Aislynn started learning her recital dances for ballet. The ballet one is to "Take me out to the Ballgame" and they use little bats. I thought that was weird, but it looks really cute:) The tap is to "Ticket to Ride" and that dance looks super cute! I think they will get their costumes in April? Anyways, you know I will post some pictures!
  • On Sunday, Aislynn asked if she could wear panties to bed. We had tried this awhile back, but she was having multiple accidents per night plus with having to get up with Kieran so often, we stopped trying. We made a deal that if she could keep her pull-up dry all of Sunday night, then Monday she could start wearing panties. She did keep it dry and Monday she wore panties and stayed dry. The next 2 nights she had accidents, so after doing a little reading, we came up with a plan. She should wear pull-ups at night until her accidents are down to about 1 a week. Then in the morning if her pull-up is dry, she gets a gum drop (she picked out the candy!). So far, it has worked 3 nights in a row. Woo hoo! I read that about 15% of kids her age aren't able to make it that long without emptying their bladder, but she obviously can stay dry with an incentive so I don't think that is the case with her. I take her potty once before I go to bed and a couple nights she has woken up on her own to go. Anyways, we are proud of her!
  • This is probably the biggest thing this week: Aislynn is basically reading!!!!! Lately she has been pointing out words and sounding them out and reading them. Monday we started having her read a book to us, just the simple ones, we have been using books from this series: Innovative Kids. We have books from level 1, 2, and 3 and she has been reading ones from level 2 and 3 (we did the level 1 books so many times I think she has them memorized!). She understands the vowels and the long and short sounds, so we felt comfortable having her start with those. It takes a really long time to get through a book, but she is SO proud and we are so proud of her! It is so awesome to have her read to us!!! I highly recommend that series of books for any kid learning to read-they are awesome and the parents guide that comes with it is really helpful and gives you activities that reinforce what you just learned. I found a bunch of the sets used on ebay.

I was scrapping a lot this week, so I will try to share that pretty soon:) Hope everyone has a good week:)


Scrap Candy said...

a crawling baby and a super duper dry, reading kid! Whatta week! You certainly have your hands full - and scrapping on top of it all! I am so glad you are able to enjoy these everyday moments! I miss them sometimes.... :(

Rileysmom said...

Yeah Aislynn!!!!!!!!