Monday, February 22, 2010

Beautiful Weekend!

We had awesome weather, for the most part, this past weekend. We hadn't taken a drive down 30-A in awhile, so we decided to do that. There is this beautiful neighborhood there that has like 3 houses built and is one of the many neighborhoods here that has any further development halted until the economy gets better. The neighborhood has some great spots for pictures, so we took a few:I forgot the tripod (had to prop it on the diaper bag!), and the remote was acting weird-we must have been too far away from the camera...not the best shot, but still one of all of us.
Love the one below-my handsome boys:) and my little model baby: and because I tend to take lots of close-ups, here is one to show a sense of place:) Hope everyone had a great weekend! Now off to watch some ice dancing;)


Scrap Candy said...

What glorious sunlight! You sure know the great picture spots! I can't wait until spring to take the tripod outdoors! Good thinkin' Lincoln!

Brynne said...

I love the pics! Sorry I haven't commented in a while but I don't have internet in b-ham yet! I love the one of K in the grass too cute and the one of you, A and K where he has his tongue out a little.

Phillip Perry said...

Great photos of a beautiful family. In the she second to last one with Kieran on his side, he looks like a little man.