Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a ballerina and a farmer

Remember a couple weeks ago, when I had to take Aislynn to get her recital pictures taken? Well, I had decided that I wouldn't get them and just take them myself, esp. since I would have had to make an extra trip to the dance studio to order them. Well, today, when we got to ballet, the photographer was there with proofs for any last minute orders. I took a peek...and how could I not get them? I don't have the backdrop and I just don't think she would have cooperated with me as well. I just ordered the class picture, which I don't yet have to share and I bought the 3 proofs:This tap one below is my favorite...I love the pose!!
So sweet!!!
Now for a bunch of randomness...
The other day, we were at dinner and I did something weird...I cannot remember what it was, but it prompted Shaun to say "Isn't Mom weird?" and Aislynn replied with "Yes, but she's my best friend." Ha ha...love that sweet girl. She can be such a little stinker sometimes, but she is so so so sweet:) Love her so much:)
Something that has been making me laugh lately is that every time we play outside, she wants a "farmer popsicle." These are the popsicles we get, and apparently, this is a farmer;)
The other day, the farmer popsicles inspired us and we were playing farmer outside. We were pretending to be feeding the chickens, when Aislynn noticed all of the different colored (like Easter eggs Mom!) eggs. I said we should put them in our basket and she said in her best obviously-you-are-a-moron tone "No, the chickens pick up their eggs with their beaks and then put them in the basket." Oh. Well, I can get on board with that kind of farming:) I am sure this will make my Dad and brothers and sister smile. When we were kids, we had chickens and I hated having to feed them or get the eggs, lol! I was always afraid they were going to peck me:)
Okay, the last of the random post are 2 layouts I have done:
I have a bunch of pictures printed out on my desk and some sketches saved from the Scrapbooks Etc. site...they have a bunch of good ones (both of these layouts were based on sketches from there), so check it out scrappy friends:)


Scrap Candy said...

A's ballerina pics are adorable - I'm with you; I can never walk away from pictures of my own child without buying them!

That Popsicle BOX is so retro looking! I think it is something from the 80s! I get where A thinks it is a farmer...makes sense to me!

I love all of your new scrap. I'm so down in the dumps because there just isn't enough time right now. I willing, but can't get there!!! Oh - some day! Keep up the excellent inspiration!

Rileysmom said...

A looks absolutely adorable in her ballerina outfit!!! I would have bought the proofs too! Riley's signed up for a ballet/tap/creative movement class....i hope she gets cute recital outfits too! I will talk to Eric about 22-23, think he's busy..so that should work for us!

Shel said...

Love the dance pics. I always have to order at least one!

I am all over the SBETC sketches too! Thanks for enabling us!

Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

Love those pictures. Ah yes, the chicken days. You would always want to trade chores with your brothers ans sister to get out of doing the chickens (HaHa).