Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies out there:) We celebrated last night by going out to dinner since it would be busier today. This morning was nice because Aislynn slept in, so it was just K and me for 2 hours and then he took a nap and she woke up, so then it was just A and me for about 2 hours. Aislynn drew me a few really cute pictures and I am getting to take a photo editing class (Candi-it's From Good to Great on the JS site). We went to Eden State Gardens, but it was hot and there were lots of bugs, so we didn't stay too long:) We did get a few pictures though... Kieran was pretty irritated the whole time we were taking these:)
This one is my favorite:)
Shaun's Mom is coming to visit us on Wednesday, so there will be more pictures to come. I hope you're ready Deb, Aislynn has lots of pony-playing and tea parties planned;)


Unknown said...

Happy Mother's Day, Pam! I am so thankful for you - such a beautiful family has such an inspirational mother in YOU! May K and A look back upon these stunning pictures and feel surrounded by LOVE!

(Now, I'm off to see about this JS class you are talking about! I know it will be awesome!!)