Monday, May 24, 2010

permanent vacation?

This is how I feel lately...spending lots of time outdoors, spontaneously going to the beach at 4 in the afternoon and picking up pizza for dinner afterwards, laundry consisting of bathing suits and beach towels, a layer of sand on our tile floor, neglecting regular household chores (but who cares because we are at the beach!). I think we went to the beach more times this week then all of last year (because of teeny tiny K-has it REALLY been almost a year??). This past weekend, my friend Becky and her little girl, Riley came over, and we of course headed to the beach, here are the pictures: I totally copied the idea of bringing K's little splash pool to the beach from someone we saw while taking a walk! Plop it right under the umbrella and we are good:)
The beach babes...I think the first time they went to the beach together was when Aislynn was 22 months, so Riley was about 16 months? They play very well together too, and they are special buds since they don't see each other often, but really get excited when they are going to see each other.
This guy eventually crawled out of the pool and was crawling all over the sand...I think he would've went straight into the water if I didn't stop him. He is most definitely a beach baby!He loved going into the water with Daddy too! Shaun was holding him up like this and every time a wave came and touched his piggies, he would do a little happy bouncy dance:)
Friday, Aislynn was really nervous about going into the water, but Saturday she was having a blast with the waves!
She had to have had at least a cup of sand in the crotch of her bathing suit from this...
After dinner, we had promised the girls ice cream if they were good, so we headed to Kilwin's. They were so serious about eating their ice cream.Love little girl dresses and sandals...cuteness!
We had a great weekend with you girls!!! Now it's a busy week of dance rehearsals and a recital and a big birthday boy!!! Maybe some more beach time too;)


Shel said...

Love the idea of bringing the pool to the beach! These pics are so pretty! I love the pastels!

Scrap Candy said...

I definitely NEED some BEACH TIME just like this!