Thursday, May 20, 2010

sunny days...

As you know, I decided to make my blog private. We had major drama with Shaun's Mom this past week/weekend when she was here, and I just decided this would be the best thing, and with everything going on with the house, now I can update here without having to worry about random people stumbling across the blog.
So after all the drama, we decided to just have some family fun together, so we headed to the beach. Kieran LOVED it:) He was pretty content with this shovel until he discovered the sand. Then it was all about consuming the sand:) A loved the water. A wave totally knocked her out, but she just giggled and said it was fun. She also loved playing "Jack and Jill," where she would keep filling up her buckets with sand.
Shaun took Kieran in the water, which he was sorta nervous about the waves, but he did love the water eventually:)
Monday we went to swim at Shaun's Dad's beach house and that was fun! A loved the water, but it seems like everything from last summer (swimming classes) went out the window. Oh well, she still had fun!!!
Ahhhh, this is the life:)
My boys hanging by the pool...
Tuesday was Aislynn's last dance class before her recital and they invited the parents in for the last half hour so that we could preview the dances and the girls got awards. Shaun came with us and A was sooooo excited. She stopped dancing to give him a thumbs up:) This picture below cracks me up. Shaun always teases Aislynn about "hips" so when it got to that part of the dance, she looked at him and smiled. A and her teacher. The girls got these cute medals at the end of class!! Yesterday we went to meet my friend from high school, Alaina, and her sweet new baby boy. She'll send me the pictures. Today we had a play date, and another one tomorrow, then a friend and her daughter are coming this weekend. Busy busy, but looking forward to the weekend...scrappy time for Mama and playtime for the girlies!