Saturday, June 5, 2010

12 months...

So I did promise that I would post 12 month pictures, and here they are:
I think this will be the last month I do the monthly recaps, and I will just post the new stuff Mr. K does as he does it:)
So, at 12 months, Kieran:
  • says "Mama," "Dada," "Nana," "ba" for ball, "hi," "bye," "hey," and sometimes will say "baby," "ah duh" for "all done" or "nigh nigh" for "night night." Of course...he says them whenever HE wants to, ha ha!
  • loves to play peek-a-boo by pulling his bib over his face or ducking his head behind something...then you ask "where's Kieran?" and you get to see a big smiley face:)
  • is officially weaned, doesn't take his pacifier anymore, and has successfully transitioned to sippy cups full time-wahoo!!
  • likes to eat big people food...he will be fed from a spoon, but really wants to eat what we are eating...well, except for peas? He really doesn't like those.
  • is a climber and much more daring than A was. He will climb stairs (of course Shaun or I are hovering RIGHT behind him), try to climb out of the playpen, and the bookshelves in his room...oh boy.
  • favorite activities include emptying out containers, chewing on things, and trying to do whatever A is doing:)
  • has 10 teeth
  • now goes to sleep on his own and sleeps through the night+still takes 2 naps
  • not walking...yet
  • loves the water-at the beach, pool, bath, he likes to dip his face in the water and will fuss when taken out:)
  • is definitely moving into toddlerhood. He understands "no" and will sometimes cry or whine when you tell him "no" and he doesn't want to stop whatever he is doing.
  • will finally sit through a whole board book:)
  • waves and blows kisses (by patting his fist against his mouth!)
  • dances by bouncing up and down
  • He understands "beach" and he gets totally excited and claps when he sees the beach
  • When you say "yay" or "good boy" he starts clapping:)

That is all I can think of right now:) It is so crazy to think of how fast this past year went by! Here is a collage (made on of some of the monthly pictures I took the past year: Sweet, sweet boy:) And an attempt to get a better shot of him in his birthday shirt:) Grabbing his toes because I was singing "this little piggie." Guess that's something I could've added above;)


Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

Wow, one year old. Time sure flys. Looks like K has accomplished a lot in one year.

Great job to the parents!

As always, fantastic photos.


Scrap Candy said...

OUTRAGEOUS that time has flown SO fast! I love the collage of pics you did, such the smart coolike keeping him in a onesie and the same chair!

Brynne said...

This year went by so fast. I love his b-day shirt with those plaid shorts. He sure has some long skinny legs. His smile is to die for, you and Shaun have such beautiful children.