Thursday, June 17, 2010


This trick of his isn't quite new, but I did finally get it on camera:)
He pulls his bib over his head and waits for you to say "Where's Kieran?" Then he pulls it down and gives you (or Aislynn in this picture) a grin:) Another thing he does is drop something on the floor and then leans over to look at it and says "uh uh." It is funny how he changes his voice like he is saying "uh oh." So cute:)
Miss Picky Eater here will refuse to try anything new. We were out to eat last weekend and Shaun had hush puppies....she finally tried them after we had her convinced they were not made of puppies. She said "I give up, I do like hush puppies." So then the next day she finally tried grapes (she used to love them...but apparently 4 year olds don't like grapes, as she informed us) and said the same thing, "I give up, I do like grapes." So I guess that is her new phrase:)This is a shot of our new house:) As most of you know, we are in the process of short-selling our house. We had a buyer and we finally got the word that the bank accepted their we are on our way to moving on. We will be renting this little cottage (as Aislynn calls it) that is walking distance to the beach and some restaurants we like. There are 2 pools in the neighborhood (one is just down that path between the white fence on the right-hand side of the picture). There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a big living room that can be closed off into 2 spaces, plus a front porch and a screened in back porch. It has lots of cute/charming touches and we should be moved in by July 1st. Can't wait...I am really excited to have a pool for the summer!
And some new scrappy stuff...
This was based on a sketch that was on Studio Calico's blog.
This was based on a sketch from the Scrapbook Etc. site.
Another Scrapbook Etc. sketch...I think this sketch was based on a layout by Lisa Truesdell.
And my favorite project was this little shadow box:
I cannot tell you how much I love this!! I am normally not a sepia toned girl, but I really love how this looks! All of these pictures just speak to my heart too:) If any of you girls that scrap make one, let me know and I will send you the dimensions of each box so that saves you a step:)
Still have some swimming class pictures to share sometime...


Rileysmom said...

Can't wait to see your new home...glad you are staying!

Scrap Candy said...

time to video K doing his trick! Please say you are catching him on film as he grows! My goal this summer is to do this more this summer!

Your "A" is just like my "A" - picky pants when it comes to something new! And then once you get 'em to try it they never regret it! "Okay mom, you were right!"

I love love love your cottage! How perfect for your family of four! By the time I get back from my trip you will be moved in - I can't wait to hear you tell all about it!

Shel said...

The new house is beautiful! I am so excited and happy for you guys! Good luck and God Bless you in your new home!

Brynne said...

I love all your new scrappy pieces, soooooo good! The frame one in sephia is so awesome I'd likle to try that some day. I can't wait to see your new house in person!