Thursday, June 10, 2010

oil, no...seaweed, yes

There have been a few reports of tar balls on the beaches here, so on Tuesday night, we went to take a walk to see what we could find. We saw a splattering of a few dime sized drops of maybe oil? but that was about it. We went to Eastern Lake, and they had blocked off the flow of the Gulf to the lake with sand. After dinner last night, we decided to take advantage of a clean beach and play. There was TONS of seaweed in the water, but that is normal for this time of year. Here are the pictures:K, A, and S She sells sand pies by the seashore...
He eats sandy shovels by the seashore...
needed more water for her pies...
she has an apprentice?
look ma, no hands!! He has been doing this A LOT lately...guessing the first step is not too far behind?
I love early dinners and going to do stuff like this after dinner. The kids go to sleep and stay asleep so good after this+the time spent together is priceless:)


Jakki said...

i have no wity comments for your pictures :p
the ocean is straight, the water is blue. the skin tones could be manipulated but they look good, and i really dont know how to tell you how to manipulate them. i guess i'll just have to keep looking or else you could post bad pictures? :)

Brynne said...

I hope my comment works this time! I love the pics and they make me miss the beach so much! My fav is the one were K is kneeling in the sand, sooo sweet!

Scrap Candy said...

I want to gobble these cuties up!

I am glad the oil is at bay and you were able to enjoy yet another nice evening at the beach!

It won't be long now before K is stepping all over the play (promise to video it! ---maybe a FLIP for Father's day?) :0}

Say, what is K standing next to in that picture?