Monday, June 14, 2010

i am a mom

as evident by the contents of my purse. I decided to clean out my purse (if you could even call it that...more like a big canvas messenger bag that holds lots of stuff) and this is what was inside:No pen, but crayons. Grocery lists that are a few weeks old. No lipstick...but chapstick (hey, some of it is tinted!), little girl hair things, wipes, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, cheerios, baby butt cream, a baby spoon and empty snack container.
This totally made me smile. I am a Mom. To little kids. And I love it. I am incredibly happy to be at this place in my life:)
P.S. Got some scrappy stuff AND house stuff to share sometime soon...stay tuned.


Scrap Candy said...

HOW you have me thinking what is in mine?!? There is NO man that can multi-task like us women --and OUR purses prove it!

Jakki said...

ohh does a backpack count? i have a backpack now, my way cool coach purse is put away right now. but lets see what in it ... hmmm hand sanitizer, lotion, wipes, diapers, changing pad thing (its small), containers of snacks (open snacks like that picture would drive me crazy, ugghh), i have crayons too, yeah no pen. hmm oh and it smells really strong like bath and body works lotion because kailee opened the bottle in it and didn't tell me ... that was a mess