Monday, June 7, 2010

weekend challenge

I challenged some of my friends this weekend to a challenge, well, a challenge proposed by Ali Edwards (the mastermind behind the Week in the Life and December Daily projects I did). To take a photo and leave room for text in the "white space." I haven't added my text yet, but here is the picture I took...of some wrinkly bath feet:)And just one to share...a make shift umbrella with a spoon and a bowl:) Pretty much stayed indoors this weekend. It was rainy off and on for most of the weekend. We did go to the YMCA pool for an hour and a half yesterday. They have a nice splash area for kids and a zero entry pool which was great for K. A is all signed up for swimming classes starting next week. Instead of doing 8 weeks spread out like last year, I did 2 weeks straight (Monday-Thursday). Seems like A's cough/sore throat/cold are making their way to Shaun and I. Hopefully it skips over K, as the teethies he has coming in are making him cranky enough:( Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Scrap Candy said...

GLORIOUS! look at those wrinkled piggies! I can't wait to see how you use this - I haven't taken mine yet BUT I will. It is my life's ambition to follow these AE challenges as BEST as I can! Now if only my WITL pages would come!

Jakki said...

love the toes shot. it will be fun to see the journaling on it too. its a white bg so of course the pictures are going to be BRIGHT. the skit tone looks a little red but i dont really know how to fix that. :) it might be fun to antique it