Wednesday, June 2, 2010

eastern lake

One of the things that make these beaches very unique are the coastal lakes. They are a mix of fresh water and salt water because they are open to the Gulf sometimes. One of our favorites is Eastern Lake. Shaun's parents had a condo years back that had access to it, and Shaun and I (and friends) have had lots of fun times in this, canoeing, kayaking to the beach, etc. We were eating at my new favorite place, A Few Good Apples, and decided to stop by Eastern Lake after that. It is amazing to see how nature has changed it over is open to the gulf and there are booms to try to prevent any oil from getting into these precious bodies of water. Here are a few pictures from Monday night: Where the lake opens to the gulf, there was a "creek" (what Aislynn called it!) and areas of flat sand with shallow puddles of water. This is the Gulf...amazing how not even a week ago it was crystal clear and bright turquoise! Now it is brown with seaweed, must be from the storms we had over the weekend.
We figured the flat areas of sand with little "splash pools" would be great for K+A to play in, so headed back after dinner last night to play:
I think this picture below may be my new favorite:
Making a water angel:
He adores his Daddy:)
You can see in the top right, the orange netting. That is holding more booms that I guess will be put out when the oil is headed this way (which seems like it is expected to start trickling into Pensacola by the end of the week).
She makes the tastiest sand pies around:)
Then Shaun took the kids into the water and we headed home after that.
Crazy to think we have been coming to this spot for a little more than 10 years.


Rileysmom said...

OMG, i just love all the new pictures!!!!!

Jakki said...

okay so you're making me want to go to the beach. im here trying to make due with the sand at the park and you post these pictures. so i guess we're going to the beach soon.

its pathetic though because it's only 30 mins away and we really don't go there that much. all those mid west people are probably jeolus

Shel said...

It sounds like you are starting to feel sad, and perhaps missing FL before you even move??? I hope everything works out for the best for you guys!

Scrap Candy said...

I am SOOOOO behind here! I think because I used to depend on the link from my blog updating when you posted something NEW - I realized that I depended up on it!

I so need beach time RIGHT NOW! I, too, am craving it because of these pictures...I'll make sure to let jakki know that us midwesterners are jealous!