Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Yesterday we had a mini play date with Matthew, the boy we carpool with so I took the crazies kids outside to play with bubbles and chalk.
 Kieran tried so hard to blow a bubble. It was so cute.
 The boys were more into bubbles while Aislynn drew pictures with chalk.

Love this weather so much...but not the pollen. Yellow dust EVERYWHERE! And I am having major allergies to it all, yuck. I have some scrappiness to share maybe tomorrow?! Just wanted to get these pictures up;)


Unknown said...

Oh I can't wait to NOT have to wear a coat (and boots and hats and gloves and....)!! The warm sunshine is just beautiful on these faces! I'd love to play hopscotch and catch some bubbles.

Brynne said...

Ha, K is too funny and it looks like he may have got to see what bubbles taste like.

Shel said...

I love K's haircut. He looks like such a big boy! Oh, and I agree with Candi...I am so done with these 30 degree days. Skip spring and Bring on summer!!!!

Sherri said...

Oh my goodness, your little guy is so cute!