Friday, July 22, 2011

photo friday

It has been a few weeks since I have shared any photos, so here is what we have been up to lately:
Aislynn made a little bed for Kieran from the laundry basket and was pretending he was her baby:)
If someone left him on my front porch, I would definitely keep him;)
When my Mom and James (and Aunt "Bwin") were here for the weekend before the 4th, A read the bedtime stories to everyone:)
The only picture I got on the 4th...
milk shake's from Shake's
It's really a good thing we don't live too close...we would definitely be going there lots:)
a picnic with Elmo
I have taken the kids here (Deer Lake State Park) before by myself, but we didn't walk all the way down to the lake. Shaun came with us, so we trekked down to where the lake was. One of the things that makes 30-A quite unique are these coastal lakes. Sometimes they are open to the gulf, but it looks like Deer Lake had been closed off for awhile. They are a mix of salt and fresh water, so there are all kinds of fish/rays/crabs in them. We like going to the beach access points that have lakes by them because they are perfect spots for the kids to play. There are no waves and they are shallow and calm. Also, this time of year there is lots of sea weed in the gulf, yuck:(
I actually handed over the camera to Shaun;)
Isn't it pretty? We pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves too:)
We made a drip castle city:) Drip castles are when you take a big scoop of wet sand in your hands and let it drip through your fingers in a big hill:)
As you can see in the background, A and Shaun had a water fight.
A had brought along one of her My Little Ponies, so apparently Scootaloo was made queen;)
 It was rainy for quite a few days in a row, so we had to think up things to do in the build forts.
and paint:) Aislynn said this was an abstract painting:)
According to Aislynn, they were playing "scientists" :)
and Miss A showing me all kinds of fancy jumps;)
Other things we have been up too: going to visit Aunt Brynne and Sean's new place, Papa watching the kids so that Shaun and I could go see Harry Potter, baking cookies, more homemade popsicles, and Aislynn lost her second coming soon of her new smile:)
In 2 weeks, we will be going to kindergarten orientation, eek?! Is the summer really almost over? Next week I am doing Week in the Life, so see ya'll Monday:)
Have a wonderful weekend!


Deanna said...

Great pics Pam! I love that you shared that about the lakes off of 30A. My dad has a fave restaurant down 30A, and NEXT time we'll tag along and go play in those lakes. They look absolutely amazing!!! (Although we're always there after Christmas when I'm guessing they aren't so warm.) Anyway, your pics always make me miss the beach...sigh...thanks for sharing them though.

Sarah said...

LOVE the yoga shot! Aislynn has an amazing imagination and seems to be able to entertain herself quite well!

Where you live is beautiful... can't lie that I'm a little jealous. :)

Looking forward to Day in the Life (might have to try that too)!


JennV said...

Love your blog! Great photography and I love all the bright and happy colors you use on your scrapbook pages. I found you on the ormolu blog because of that awesome week in the life book that you made! I have been going back and forth for weeks about how to document my week next week (I am not a digital gal) and I just fell in love with the few photos I saw on that blog. Just wanted to give you a compliment. :) I might try something like that for week in the life. Post more pics when you can!


Elizabeth said...

Those are some amazing photos and it looked like all of you had so much fun!!!! I love each one of them! I think its great to be with family and friends!

Unknown said...

This was one packed week of events! I am glad there is always a wealth of fun times and vivid imagination alive and well with these kiddos! love love love all the smiles!

Lilith Eeckels said...

LOVE all of your photos. Would love to have some of the sunshine, because I'm sick and tired of 3 weeks of rain.

Unknown said...

Wow! Love all of the pictures- so much fun!!!!

Can't wait to see what you do with Week In the Life

Sherri said...

Playing scientist?! Sooo cute. And I love that you posted a couple of pix of you with the kiddos. Love that swimsuit. I'd love to know how you make your pictures this shape (when you have a sec). I love all the photos you always have in your posts. You rock at staying on top of taking lots of pix.