Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ten on tuesday

1. A week off of being on the computer (not 100% off, but still a lot less than I have been) and I still feel behind? Oh well...I totally have a case of the summer lazies...
2. I just got back from a run and literally as soon as I got back it started pouring down rain. It's kinda dark in the house and everyone is still asleep...it is so peaceful. I think I could get used to starting my days like this:)
3. I have totally been slacking on running. Which may be why shopping for a new bathing suit last week was totally depressing me. I had a hard time finding one that I felt comfortable in and that was reasonably priced. I eventually found one that I loved, yay! But still...trying on bathing suits made me get my butt back in gear this morning.
4. Shaun and I have been spoiled the past week and were able to go on 2 dates. The kids stayed at his parents beach house with them overnight and we saw Super 8. Which is a totally fun summer movie. I recommend it mainly because the interactions between the kids in the movie are awesome:) Then my Mom and James were in town this past weekend and, so one night Shaun and I just went into town and went to the bookstore and then grabbed some appetizers and drinks. It was fun:)
5. Shaun's Dad brought over some fresh corn and I have made corn chowder 3 times. In a little over a week. Yes, I know I was complaining about how much of a pain it was on facebook, but then I got a corn stripper and it made it a zillion times easier. I promise to share the recipe really really soon;) Wondering what a corn stripper is?
It looks like a computer mouse, but it works like magic;)
6. I dropped off some paperwork at A's new school last week. She is super duper excited, but I can tell she is nervous! She was most nervous about there not being any toys or books but the front office lady who showed us the kindergarten rooms assured her that it would be all set up before she starts;) She has her orientation August 5th (in a month???!!!) and starts on the 8th.
7. I am so excited to be doing a week in the life again this year. I am planning on doing it when Ali Edwards does, at the end of the month. I have my album all set up and ready to go...I am doing the album a bit different this year...more on that later though, I can't wait to share what I did using lots of yummy Ormolu goodness.
8. I have gotten through one page with the July My Scrapbook Nook kit. My plan this week is to make it through the rest of it. I loooove it. I think it is my favorite one I have played with so far;) Check it out HERE.
9. CHA season is upon us again and I have seen 2 things that are must haves for me...this and this. Love Jillibean Soup. And this time of year:)
10. Did everyone have a good fourth? My Mom and James were here this weekend, but had to leave yesterday morning. We went to Shaun's parent's and swam and ate. We attempted to watch fireworks, but the thing about fireworks and 2 year olds are that the fireworks occur significantly later then when 2 year olds go to bed. So we headed back to our house, but on the way, we saw some. We pulled over and got out of the car to watch them. Aislynn kept reporting the colors to us, so then Kieran kept saying "I wanna see yellow." Then he would say "haboom!" It was quite adorable;)

Hope everyone has a terrific week!


Candace Prado said...

So glad to see your smiling face back here!

I can't believe A has to start school so soon...or maybe it's because our calendar is just SO crazy!

the WITL is going to ROCK with all those ORMOLU goodies - I can't wait to see how it all turns out!!

I can't see the nook kit too well, so I will wait to see what LOs you come up with.

You and I are one the same brain wave with all of the new JB lines!

I look forward to photo Friday to see all your cute pics from this past week!

(OMG...was that long enough? --sorry!!)