Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ten on tuesday

1. Aislynn has deemed today as Tangled Tuesday. Right now we are watching it, and she has the chapter book version that she started reading again yesterday. She said she wants to read the whole thing today;)

2. You can see another one of my Echo Park projects on their blog HERE. That was one of my favorite ones I did for them:) I am seriously in love with Country Drive. Once I get my giant snapfish order, I will have more pictures to play with it, yay!

3. If you haven't heard, snapfish is having a huge 4x6 print sale. 99 prints for 99 cents. The code is julypenny99 and it ends today!

4. I had 3 happy e-mails last week and will have 3 cards in the December CARDS issue:)

5. Lately, we have been obsessed with these green smoothies. Well, all of us except for A, which I think if she didn't know there was spinach in them, she would like it because it just tastes like pineapple/orange juice. K loves them!

6. I made these black bean burgers for dinner the other night and YUM YUM. They were so good. Shaun was a lot a bit skeptical, but he loved them. They were satisfying like you were eating a real burger. I will definitely be making them again:)

7. I am looking for more hearty meatless dinners, what's your favorite?

8. Another CHA must have for me:)

9. The BEST homemade playdough recipe around. I have had this bookmarked for sooooo long and finally made it and it is the best smooth texture and even smells like the kool-aid flavor a little bit:)

10. Check out this cute summer reading log. Since we have less then a month before school starts and we have the library reading log, we may just do this next summer. But how CUTE is it?!


Candace Prado said...

Oh my. I MUST use that reading log in my CLASSROOM! I'll have to download those templates!!

I seriously am stuck, but thank goodness for a card making crafty friend like YOU! (Congrats on the new pubs!) I MUST make a wedding/congrats card and I cannot come up with anything I like/love! Where should I look for something to spark my energy in an off white/cream colored style?

Sherri said...

I love that picnic in the park layout, so much going on, it makes me happy. Three cards? Wow, so happy for you. You are totally on a roll, now I can say "I knew you when" lol. Green smoothies? No thanks. But new Crate? Yes please!!! And black bean burgers? I could be convinced :)

Lilith said...

Pam, I love that Echo park layout as well and way to go for the publications. I spotted the reading log as well and it is so cute. Funny you blogged about meatless dinners I'm also trying to cut down on meat. I'll definitely give those burgers a go.
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. They made my day.