Tuesday, July 26, 2011

week in the life: Monday

I can't figure out how to upload the photos from my phone, so Shaun will have to help me with that:) 
1. playing with his "tracks" first thing    2. making granola for breakfast    3. K asking for a juice box (which happens whenever I am in the kitchen!)    4. A wakes up and watches Martha Speaks    
5. puzzles    6. oatmeal for him, granola+yogurt+honey for Aislynn and I    7. juice boxes    8. we go to the library and drop stuff off at Good Will, grab smoothies and come home to eat lunch    9. dirty dishes, time for Mommy to clean them up    10. nap time    11. A takes advantage of nap time and plays with K's trains    12. coffee+blog/message board/internet hopping    13. S on his phone    14. A eats a snack...pb sandwich and a salad    15. making dinner    16. A+S grilling    17. dinner, pork tenderloin+rice+broccoli    18. kids throwing fits and hiding under their covers    19. after bedtime stories    20. picasa repeated a picture to make the collage:)

I still have my regular ten on tuesday post below;)


Candace Prado said...

Looking good! I'm so eager to see this come together in that little homemade album!!

Sherri said...

hee hee, too funny that the kiddos hide under a blanket when having a fit. Those days seem so long ago to me. Now when someone's having a fit ev-er-y-one in the house knows about it.