Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas came early...

We decided that for our Christmas present this year, we would go to Disney World. We spontaneously decided Monday to just go ahead and do it, since the hotels are much cheaper and the parks are less crowded when kids are in school. Santa will still drop by and bring the kids something, but this was our Christmas. With the exception of the end-of-the-day-exhaustion meltdowns, it was a lot of fun and definitely a trip to remember! The first day we went to Magic Kingdom, which is out favorite park:) Kieran was awesome the whole time! He was content as could be to sit in the stroller and take everything in or to sit snuggled in the sling close to Mommy:)
When we went last year, I couldn't go on a lot of the rides because I was pregnant, but this year I could-yay! Disney does a rider swap, so Shaun would wait in line with Aislynn while I got a pass and waited with Kieran. Then Aislynn could go on it again with me and we didn't have to wait in line. So awesome. She didn't realize how lucky she was that she got to go on the rides two times in a row but didn't have to wait in line. I went on Splash Mountain first with Aislynn and we got SOAKED!!! We sat in the back row and I was pretty much wet for the rest of the day:( Last year Aislynn was scared of Splash Mountain, but not this year. She was telling Shaun all of the characters when they were on the ride together. Shaun did not get near as wet as I did-no fair:( Last year we never made it to the tea pots, so we made sure to do it this year. Aislynn loved them:) I got a ton of pictures with Shaun making the funniest faces on this ride, but I will just post this one;)
The one below is on Astro Orbiter I think...Shaun and Kieran were on the ship behind us. Shaun made their ship stay low the whole time, and he said Kieran kept looking up at Aislynn and I:)
The second day, we went to Epcot. I love this park. We really didn't get a chance to go to all of the countries, which is really the most fun part, but maybe another time. They had the parks all decked out for Christmas and they had some of the characters cut out of bushes in the entrance of Epcot.
We didn't really try to meet any characters the day before, but when we walked into the park, Daisy Duck was there. Since the line wasn't that long and we didn't meet her last year, we decided to. The whole time we were in line, Aislynn kept making comments like, "I like her pink shoes." or "I like her eyelashes, I wish mine looked like that." She loved her bow and bracelet too. Funny girl:) Kieran wasn't all that impressed with Daisy though.
I was changing Kieran's diaper while Shaun took Aislynn to meet Stitch and when I came back, Aislynn was all excited telling me that Stitch licked her, lol.
As you can see below, it was hard to get pictures of everyone looking at the camera, lol. This was right outside The Living Seas with Nemo and Friends. They have a Nemo ride and then they have this thing called Turtle talk with Crush. Aislynn wanted to sit with all the kids in the front, so we sat on the benches. Crush picked Aislynn out to ask him a question. So she told him her name and then he said, "Aislynn, what's your question?" And she said "I'm four." Then he paused for a few seconds and said, "The answer to your question is yes, you are right, you are four." It was so cute:)
This gigantic Christmas tree is in the main entry to the world showcase of the countries. They had ornaments and different things from all of the different countries.
In Mexico, we encountered a festive Donald...
This picture was taken in Norway...
We went back to Mexico to eat lunch there and boy, Aislynn was in a grumpy mood. She was kinda being a pain at this point, but after we ate she was better. Shaun was trying to get her to smile, but she wouldn't so he said he was going to be grumpy then too. Their faces crack me up here:)
We met up with Chip and Dale. When we were waiting in line, Aislynn asked if they had "real talks." I guess she was wondering why the characters never talked to her, lol.
The chipmunks came over to check out Kieran, but again...not impressed. He did try to eat one of their fingers when they were touching his cheek though, lol.
We did go over to the countries later, but it started raining and the park was going to close soon, so we left. I have a great picture of the four of us that someone from Disney took, so we have to order it and then I will post it:) The last day we went to Magic Kingdom again since we felt like we didn't do everything we wanted to there. Here are Aislynn and Shaun in front of one of their Christmas displays.
Kieran was passed out in the sling here:)
When Aislynn met Snow White, she was completely star struck, lol. She wouldn't answer any of her questions, she just giggled. Snow White told her if she were a dwarf, her name would be giggles, lol.
Just another shot in front of the castle....
Cute, happy boys!
Even though she met Ariel last year, Aislynn still wanted to meet her again this year.
We had to wait longer to meet Tigger and Pooh then anything else. Now Kieran did like them. He was smiling like crazy at both of them!
This picture totally cracks us up because it looks like Pooh is trying to eat Kieran (he was giving him a kiss), lol!
While Pooh was playing with Kieran, Tigger was tickling Aislynn:)
This picture is really blurry, but just a shot of us wearing our cool 3D glasses for Mickey's Philharmonic Show. This was a really cool show, but Aislynn didn't like it. She was scared that things were really going to hit her in the face.
Those were the best pictures! We had a blast. Aislynn's favorite thing was Space Mountain-she rode that 4 times. I totally thought she would be scared, but she loved it!! She also liked this show that was on a river boat. It's to promote the new movie coming out, The Princess and the Frog. It was such a good show! We are totally pumped about the movie...comes out Friday! We are now trying to get in the holiday mode, and I think we are going to put up our tree tomorrow, so pics to follow:)


Brynne said...

Looks like yall had a blast! I love all the pics but my fav are the one of Shaun and Kieran, the grumpy face one, and the one of Pooh eating K, ha!

Shelstan said...

What a fun idea and great pictures! I love that A is wearing's so festive and Christmassy! (Is that a word?) It is now!

Scrap Candy said...

What a wonderful time - I love it!! I can't believe that it has been three years since we went (and it was Christmastime too, so I remember exactly how much fun it is to see all the holiday decor!!)

I have so many comments for these great snaps, but I can only get a few in here:

The 3D pic is awesome that it is blurry - looks like you need 3D glasses to look at it!

I love the reaction that K had to Winnie and Tigger! He will love those pics later!

The pic of A on S's shoulders is so funny with her cute little arms propped up next to her chin!!

Can't wait to see what you do with these and I WANNA see the DISNEY snap of the four of you --- that was the ONLY way we got family pics while we were there!! too cool!

debprn said...

Pam, these are all TERRIFFIC pix! Looks like you all had a blast! I cannot believe Aislynn went on Space Mountain 4 times!!! It terrified me the one time I went on word....She might have liked Pirates of the Carribean. Anyway, it was so cute that she got shy with Snow White....little miss giggles!!! I so wish I could have gotten the chance to come with y'all! Maybe the next time...Thanks for sharing all the fun you guys had with us!!!

Rileysmom said...

I can't believe Aislynn loved space mountain...that is so funny. I think Riley would be scared! I love all of your pictures and it looks like you had a great time! I told Eric we need to go soon!

Jakki said...

okay so now i want to go to disneyland again :) K loved madahorn ... which i really dont know if they have it over in florida. and watch out now you also have a rollercoster diva, all kailee wants to do is ride roller coasters at the parks. we'll try space mountian next time.