Friday, December 18, 2009


We went back to see the lactation consultant on Wednesday morning and Kieran had gained 7 oz in a week. She said that babies his age should gain between 4-7 oz per week. So it seems like my milk supply has been built back up with the help of the fenugreek herb and stopping weight watchers, yay!! We will go back January 13th to see how he is gaining. I am still doing my December Daily album, and for the 15th (Tuesday), I didn't get any pictures, but wanted to share a little about that day. Shaun got a Christmas card Monday from one of the sites he plays on and is a VIP, and it said to look for something between the 14th and the 18th. Well, on Monday, UPS came with a new chair for him! It is a really nice leather chair, not really high enough for the computer, but we have it in the living room and you can hook up the TV to it (it has speakers). We thought that was what the card was referring to, but on Tuesday we got sent a HUGE basket full of all kinds of goodies. It was actually really funny because literally 5 minutes before it arrived, we were talking about how we need to eat better, and then this basket full of treats arrived. Anyways, I thought that was really cool they sent him that stuff! Aislynn had her last ballet class on Tuesday for a few weeks (they take off for winter break), and at the end of class they had a little holiday party. There were cookies and they got extra special stickers (not just boring old stars!) this time:) After dinner, Aislynn was still in her ballet leotard and she wanted to dance to Christmas music, so we put some on and her and I danced around:) It was fun, even if I had to be the prince, ha! I wanted to get a few pictures of the kids, and since it was FINALLY sunny, we headed over to the field where we play soccer and I got these. Aislynn was actually more cooperative than Kieran when I took these!
I think it is nearly an impossible task to get BOTH kids looking and smiling at the camera in the same picture, lol! But I still love these...I love how it looks like she is showing him something!!!
The above one would have been perfect had their eyes been open. Oh well, I still love it! Kieran is so over it:) Today we made gingerbread houses, but out of graham crackers. I didn't want to do a gingerbread house kit because they taste like cardboard, so we made them out of graham crackers. As you can see, the decorations kept sliding off. Oh well. The whole point to Aislynn was to eat them, so as soon as I got these shots, she dug into one of them. She had one wall left and said her tummy hurt. I just decided to let her eat as much as she wanted to so she could see for herself why we limit her! She kept telling us she ate too much sugar! She ate tons of candy during the decorating process too, so she definitely did eat too much sugar!
They have a Christmas Curious George and a Christmas Olivia movie playing at the theater this weekend, so I plan to take Aislynn to that. Then we need to finish up our Christmas shopping! I can't believe how fast December has gone by...or whole fast the whole year has gone by!


Scrap Candy said...

What a wonderful story...and such good fortune (well deserved!) I can't exclaim loud enough how precious these latest pics are - OH, and Kieran's sweet hair with the sunlight shinning through it - takes my breath away! Gotta say looks like you need some SNOW for Christmas...

...I'll package some up and send it your way.

Jakki said...

gramcrackers are such a good ideal! im so stealing that. and i think the decorations were slipping because your Royal frosting wasn't stiff enough (although that kind of frosting really doesn't taste like anything good)

the pictures are so cute, and i totally get how hard it is to get both of them looking and smiling at the camera at the same time. :)