Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December Daily

I find that I don't scrap the things I "should" as much as I do the everyday type things. The holidays fall under that group of things I tend to fall behind on. This year, I decided to do a December Daily album, which for the non-scrapbooker blog followers, is an album that I made ahead of time, with the hopes of filling in a picture and some journaling each day. At the end of 25 days, I will have a little album which will provide a snapshot of our holiday season. I still need to take pictures of the days I have completed (1-6), but for now I will just share some of the pictures. Days 1-3 have Disney World pictures on them.
Day 4: We surprised Aislynn with the Fancy Nancy Christmas book. It has been sitting on top of our fridge for 2 weeks and I have been waiting for the perfect moment to give it to her:)Day 5: Hot Chocolate. This is the time of year which we are pretty relaxed about Aislynn's goodie consumption. She was in charge of the marshmallows and ate a TON while I was making the hot chocolate. Oh well...sneaking goodies is fun. I still haven't grown out of that;)
This is totally unrelated, but wanted to share. The whole day I had wet, soggy sleeves because Kieran apparently thinks this sweater tastes delicious. Weird.
Day 6: Decorated our tree. Aislynn was quite funny. She wore her Santa hat, had a glass of egg nog and told us where to hang each ornament. She seemed very in her element, bossing Shaun and I around, lol!
Day 7: Went through her toys and other closets in the house and took 4 big garbage bags of items to Good Will. Aislynn was very reluctant to go through her toys, but once I explained that some kids don't have any toys, and that maybe some of the ones she doesn't play with anymore, we could give to them...she was pretty much game and parted with things I was kinda surprised at. This is something I want to start doing every year with the kids.
Day 8: Putting up a little tree in Aislynn's room. She loves it. I even caught her just sitting at her table staring at it, lol.
I will hopefully be able to catch up and take some pictures of the completed pages, but I am working on making some Christmas presents this week:) Off to my workshop I go....


Brynne said...

The tree looks marvelous my darling! Looks like yall are really getting into the festive mode. i've been sneaking some goodies too :)

Rileysmom said...

Where to start. Well of course i love all the pics you took (always do) I love that A was so good about parting with her toys. Need to try that with R. Can't wait to see your new pages. I need to talk to you about Disney. I think i want to go in Feb...just need some tips/advice!

Scrap Candy said...

Oh! This DD is going to be simply beautiful with the stories it has to tell! I love that this is a perfect mix of the everyday and the impending holiday! AWESOME!