Monday, December 14, 2009


We have been doing some Christmas crafts around here. I also printed a bunch of coloring pages and Aislynn has been having fun coloring those. Here is a little gingerbread guy we made with felt, pom poms, a pipe cleaner, and puff paint.Here is a tree we made. Aislynn picked out each color pom pom and where she wanted it to go and she pointed each spot where she wanted me to make a candy cane:) This snowman is my favorite. We had to paint lots of coats of white paint...if only Michaels had white Styrofoam balls!! Then we added glitter. We used pipe cleaners for his nose and arms and pom poms for his eyes and mouth. Then we found a piece of ribbon because Aislynn insisted on him having a scarf:) This is an Advent calendar I made sometime in November. I filled it with Dove chocolates (those are REALLY dangerous to have in the house, lol). I put the boxes out of order so that it would be a little tougher for Aislynn to find the numbers! She can count pretty high, but locating numbers after about 11 are tricky for her.
Today we met Santa. Aislynn was the perfect big sister:) She told Santa what Kieran wanted (something to chew on, ha ha) and then she told Santa what she wanted. She was sorta shy at first, but warmed up pretty quickly. Santa gave her a candy cane, which she said was spicy, lol.
Kieran was not really interested...checking everything else out.
I guess he was okay when Aislynn was next to him, but she got down and I think when he could see Shaun and me and Aislynn he wondered who the heck was holding him, lol!
We went to see The Princess and the Frog after this. It was pretty good! Actually, there were a few scenes we felt like were there for filler (one-liners, pointless slap-sticky violence), but aside from those, it was good:)


Brynne said...

I love the advent calendar you made. You are so creative! Yalls crafts are too cute. Did you go to the bass pro shop again this year to see santa?

Scrap Candy said...

gorgeous projects and cute Santa pics - I love both of the kids so comfy on Santa's knee - they will be great additions to your DD!

Debra said...

Love the Santa pix!! Priceless look on little Kieran's face...that realization that he is alone on Santa's lap...without big sister!!! She'll get alot of mileage out of that some day!
I just love his laid back kind of wonder what he's thinking when he see's the reindeer behind his shoulder...Like..."I sure hope he had his lunch already!"
Lots of XXXXXOOOOOOOO to both those beautiful grandchildren y'all have blessed me with!!!