Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a messy boy and a happy girl

Aislynn has been hanging out with Daddy at night...Monday night Shaun taught her how to play Go Fish, and last night they headed to Seaside to pick up more coffee. They went on a walk and Aislynn told me she had lots of fun:) One on one time with us is so good for her. Here is a picture I snapped before they left:
They left me with this guy.What a mess!!! I have been holding myself back and letting him have fun with the spoon (even though he makes a terrible mess!) so that he will learn to eat on his own. Let's just say he will be eating with a lot less clothes on from now on, hee hee:)
Aislynn is off of school tomorrow, so we are going to try some baking and she declared tomorrow as art day...I guess I will find out more about that tomorrow;)


Jakki said...

k is totally into the alone time too now. and all i can tell you is oatmeal, l makes a mess when he eats on this own too (but he wont let me feed him) on of his favorites is oatmeal, but it cleans up easy.

love the pic of A and S ... so need to copy that.

Scrap Candy said...

I agree! One on one time is very much needed (although this weekend will provide some much needed two on one time for the Dad in this house -this weekend!! ;). )

I think K is absolutely perfect with his messy face and handsome tee! What a great snapshot of what makes a little boy!

Shel said...