Monday, November 1, 2010

the force was with us last night

We had such a good night last night! The kid's costumes were such a big hit and we got waaaaaaaay too much candy. I took some shots of the kids in their costumes before we left so that way they could focus on trick-or-treating:) Introducing Princess Leia
and a close up of the buns:
Introducing Yoda:
The sleeves were a little long, but I decided not to hem them (out of complete laziness). The hat would not even close under his chin, so I chopped off the part that had the snap closure and sewed a piece of elastic on.
He kept calling his yoda ears a hat:)
First we went to Seaside because all the merchants were handing out candy.
Checking out the loot so far:)
There is a section in Seaside with little art galleries, and they had a guy playing a drum and a guy playing a flute. Kieran watched them forever:) This guy, btw, was totally content holding Daddy's hand and walking the whole time!
Then we ate dinner out, and came back home to visit a few of the neighbors.
When we came back home, I tried again at getting a picture of the 2 of them together, and this is what I got. I kinda like it better than a posed shot though:)
Then she had to check all the candy out and count it. The total?
155 pieces. We decided to let her eat as much as she wanted today, and then we are going to "buy" it from her and she can use the $ to pick out a toy, and we will throw it away, probably. That way I don't, I mean Aislynn won't eat it all:)


Shel said...

WOW! What adorable costumes! I so wanted my kids to do a Star Wars theme! It's never gonna happen!

I love the idea of buying back the candy! What a fab idea!!!

Glad you guys had a great time! I am so glad it is over, though! Now the craziness of the next holidays begin!

Rileysmom said...

I love love Aislynn's costume. You did a great job!!!! Looks better than Riley's store bought one!

Brynne said...

I love the costumes, great job Mom! It sounds like yall had a fun time, I were cat ears at work on Halloween, hee hee. Did you make Aislynn's trick or treat bag? Miss yall!

Jakki said...

that is an interesting way to do the candy. i never thought to buy it back ... hmmm so where is K's candy? he went trick or treating too right?????

Scrap Candy said...

Oh so SMART!! Buying it from them!!! Why didn't i think of that YEARS AGO!!!

Those little buns are absolutely adorable and green YODA ears are simply fantastic on K!! What a pair of lifesabers!! :)

Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

Great Costumes. I bet it was fun.