Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ten on tuesday

1. Well, I didn't make the 5k last Saturday...because being the typical procrastinator that I am I waited too long to register for the race and when I went to go do that, registration had closed. Oh well...this gives me all summer to get more prepared for the fall when there are more races available to run.
2. Speaking of racing, the other day in the car I was listening to npr when Kieran starting saying "off...off." So I turned it off and asked him if that was what he wanted off and he replies with a happy "YES!" Then I asked him if he wanted me to sing a song and he said "no....race." So then I asked him if he wanted me to race the car and again he replies with an enthusiastic "YES.......car fast."
3. Speaking of Kieran, he is very aware of routines. After dinner, he has started singing my nerdy bath time song I made up (bath time bath time, it's time to take a bath...bath time bath time, it's not time for math, bath time bath time bath time bath time....hmmm, no wonder he didn't want me singing in #2, ha!). He prances around singing "ba time ba time ba time" and it is really stinkin' cute:)
4. The other day, Aislynn was helping me make a salad for dinner (she likes to do the salad spinner part) and she told me that when she grew up she was going to be a chef...then a construction worker...then a ballerina teacher...and finally, an artist. I am trying to figure out the construction worker bit, but a girl's gotta have dreams, right?
5. Pinterest...I have been pinning like crazy lately. I *might* be addicted to it. Candi-I keep forgetting to ask you if you got the iphone app for it? I am not so patiently waiting for the android app. Some of my favorite food things I have pinned and that I wanna do this summer with the kids are these homemade smores bars, apple sandwiches with granola, pb, and chocolate chips , fruit kabobs (thanks Candi!), and sandwich kabobs.
6. oh yeah...and these popsicles.
7. I have also found some great things for my scrapbook/card friends...cool homemade stamps with corks and buttons, handmade paper flowers, and more handmade paper flowers.
8. Kieran's birthday is Saturday. He is going to be 2. It is sooooooo incredibly hard to believe that!
9. Have you ever played along with Crate Paper's monthly sketch challenge? They have great sketches and I particularly like the one this month because it has spots for multiple pictures, yay! Here's the link if you wanna play along:)
10. The June sneaks are up at My Scrapbook Nook. I am one of the guest designers for June and I am sooooo super excited to play with this kit! Here is a peek at what's in store (looooove the crochet doilies and the alphas so much!)
Looks yummy, doesn't it?!


em said...

Pinterest is SO addicting!! I just added you. :)

Shel said...

Those kabobs (fruit and sandwich) and the popsicles are making me so hungry! Delish!

Candace Prado said...

Hey - THERE are a ton of races here in Chicago. What if you do a 5k when you come? Brandan is most likely to run quite a few once school is out! Let me know and I will look them up for you!!

I DO have the pinterest app for iphone! It is even BETTER - no I can pin ANYWHERE! So bad! I've lost it! I pin everything, but if you look in my phoot shoot board you might see some inspiration from Sena's shoot!!!!

That June Nook kit looks gorgeous! Can't wait to scrap with you this summer and learn some crafty tricks!!


Elizabeth said...

The things your children said are precious! I remember making up songs as well and my DD walking around singing them too!!! How fun of an age that is, enjoy every moment because you will blink and be sitting where I am... She's just turned 14!!! LOL.
Happy days!