Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ten on tuesday: right now

I saw this fun little project Willette is doing and decided to participate. So for this week's ten on tuesday, here are ten things that are our "right now."

1. I really, like really need a pedicure.
 2. The first thing Miss A does when she gets home from school is watch Martha Speaks.
3. Kieran leaves a trail/mess wherever he goes.
4.  Sometimes he takes a nap, other days he resists or we just aren't home and miss the boat for nap time.
5. Loving homemade granola...
6. I am really really procrastinating putting this gigantic mountain of laundry away...anyone want to come help?
7. Loving Aislynn's artwork...this is a picture of a kid crying with a circle/line to remind us not to whine;) I really need to take that utility bill and go register her for kindergarten.
8. Need to send back Shaun's contacts after they sent him the wrong ones twice. Another thing I am procrastinating...
9. I love when it's flip flop season:)
10. My scrap stuff is in our bedroom, but I mostly leave the essentials on the bar in the kitchen so I don't have to pull it out all the time;)
Don't forget about the giveaway;)


Candace Prado said...

Your pics remind me of what goes on here in the beautiful summer months when I am home with the kids and procrastination and flip flops FILL our days and evenings. LOVE it!

Tanya Tahir said...

Great idea and love your photos! It's fun to find out the little details about each other! Thanks for a fun read :)

Sherri said...

How much more do I like you now that I've seen the current state of your toes? lol I think you're awesome to let us in on your real life. If I were closer I'd help with the laundry. I'm slightly OCD (at least that's what my family thinks hee hee), and really like things neat, I find great satisfaction in putting things in their place. Love the 10 things thing, it's fun.

Strategic Learning Initiatives said...

Are you and I leading double lives? So much of what you say, I can completely and totally relate to!

Alana Jo said...

I love your photos! I have craft stuff everywhere too!