Friday, August 26, 2011

photo friday

I am slowly starting to get back into the routine...last week with Kieran threw us off, but I am determined to get back into the groove. Which means picking up the camera more. This is a pretty K picture heavy post, but he is who is around most of the time now...and he doesn't complain about having the camera around;)
Here he is driving his cars. You can tell by his face he is making "vroom" sounds:) I was asking him what color each car was and apparently they are all green;)
We went to the beach Sunday. It was short lived because a thunderstorm was looming and the water was filled with sea weed:( We picked up our kayak from my in-laws beach house and Shaun and Aislynn took that to the beach while Kieran and I drove. Kieran went back with Shaun and took a shovel (or "shubble") with him and Shaun said he kept dipping it in the water to help him paddle;)
Proof that Aislynn be a nice big sister....she picked out this Thomas book and asked Kieran if he wanted her to read it, which of course he did:)
Can't you just see the stinker in this guy? It is a good thing he is cute:)
While A is off at school, he likes incorporating her toys into his using her little dog house for a house for the trains.
or using the mail truck to give a twist to pony rides;)
We headed back to the beach after school yesterday because it was such a beautiful day. It was amazing the difference in sea weed...there was hardly any!
K and I drove while A and S brought the kayak...
This is my new favorite picture. See how clear the water is? It was so pretty and the temperature was perfect too!
Here are A and S coming up through the lake. I put the camera away after this so we could all go swim in the gulf. As soon as my foot brushed against a crab, I was out! I have become such a wimp about swimming in the water as I have gotten older!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We have no plans, but maybe we will make it to the beach again. It is so nice this time of year once the beaches aren't so crowded;)


Marinette-Scraptherapie said...

Tes photos sont vraiment très belles! Quel bonheur d'habiter juste à côté de la plage;-) Tu es vraiment chanceuse!
Tes enfants sont magnifiques♥

Amy L said...

Hi! My name is Amy, I'm a scrapbooker, and I started following you after seeing where you live. We just bought a vacation home in the area. We are here this weekend too! So lovely!

Mrs. Weddle said...

seriously a crab scared you out of the water. there's shark sigting and beach closers here. although i would love some sea weed/sea grass free beaches. K and his pony rides are very cute. :)

Lilith Eeckels said...

Oh I just love those beach photos. I want to live near the beach too!!!! It's a 3 hour drive to the nearest beach and the North Sea beaches in Belgium aren't as pretty as those where you are. I could maybe persuade DH to move to the USA. Wouldn't that be fun!

Sherri said...

I agree with Marinette, you are sooooooooo lucky to live right next to the beach. I groan, a little with jealousy every time I see your gorgeous beach shots. Has anyone ever told you that the water in Manitoba is brown? Yup, not kidding, brown. Safe to swim in still, but somehow the blue-ness turns to brown the further North you travel. I've been talking to DH about taking the kids to Disney next year. :)