Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ten on tuesday

1. I am *really* excited about this. And even more excited to see some friends on that list:)
2. My Week in the Life album is up on the Ormolu blog today, happy that this project is all wrapped up now:) Now I am waiting for December Daily, ha!
3. I finally made this a couple weekends ago and I am kicking myself for waiting so long. Seriously...it is pretty amazing, and do I even have to tell you that it didn't last very long? When it comes to baked goods, we are a bunch of vultures in this house;)
4. Last night I tried a new recipe, a vegan one, Pineapple Quinoa...the family was a little nervous about it...but it got 2 thumbs up (from everyone but K, but he is really really picky, so he doesn't count!). I am excited about eating the leftovers for lunch:)
5. By the way...did you know quinoa was pronounced like keen-wah? I have been pronouncing it like quinn-noah. oops;)
6. Shaun and Aislynn like to tease me and they call quinoa birdseed;)
7. My Dad is coming in to town this weekend! Yay! I am excited...I haven't seen him since last October.
8. Little Miss A is turning 6 in less than 2 weeks...whoa. We are just having a little family party for her, but I am looking for inexpensive gift suggestions for a smarty 6 year old girl. I was thinking about some easy chapter book series...suggestions, please?!
9. This will be the "cake" at the party. Except the birthday girl demands chocolate  and vanilla ice cream...and sprinkles, of course;)
10. and how about a few recent pins? How awesome is this idea? I think I know a couple of kids who might be into this;) I am also thinking this would be fun too...you could even do one for colors or numbers?

Happy Tuesday, friends!


Deanna said...

Hey girl! First off, I'm so pumped to see your name on The List. ;) I'm really hoping you get chosen! Also, easy chapter books I had in my 1st grade classroom library were The Magic Treehouse series, Junie B. Jones (she may need some help), and a few others. I'll have to find out what they were, because right now I don't remember.

Lilith said...

So happy to see your name on the list. Thought it was you but with your maiden name! I might just try the Quinoa recipe, I love it. I just learnt something new about pronunciation today. Thanks for that! Hope A has a lovely Bday. When my little sister turned 6 I gave her these really cute jewellery sets for kids where they have to make them themselves. Really easy and she LOVED them. She's eight and still wears them.
Hope you make it on the DT this time!

Shel said...

Ah, Pam...always the inspirer....
Loving it!

Candace Prado said...

okay I wanna try some of A's banana split cake! YUMM-O!!

Felicidades on the nod for top 40 at the Nook! You are going to be one busy scrapper and I'm going to drool right along with every post!

Loved the WITL at Ormolu, too! I have such a list of things to finish. :( Can I send you mine? :)

Glad to here you guys will get to visit with your Dad soon! I don't know how I could stand going that long without seeing my Daddy (I'm such a daddy's girl!) ;)

Sarah Webb said...

Congrats on making the list!

Sherri said...

Whoo Hooo, on the making the Top 40, but c'mon who are we kidding. I'm not going to jinx you (not like I'm seven and really believe it jinxing, but you know what I mean) and say what I want to say so...I'll just leave it at Good luck my friend, I'd be thrilled to pieces to see your name on that final list. Now, can you please as A if I can come for cake. That looks super delicious. How did it turn out?