Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ten on tuesday

1. Yesterday was the big day...Miss Aislynn started kindergarten. She was sooooo so excited, woke up super early and kept asking me if it was time to leave yet. I walked her in her class and she put her stuff away in her cubby and sat at her desk (her very *own* desk, which she thought was so cool!). She hugged me and told Kieran and I bye. I had to go by the office, and when I walked by her classroom again, school had started. I peeked in the window and she was looking at the teacher with the BIGGEST smile on her face. That's when Mama started to lose it:( I cannot believe my big girl is in kindergarten. And she loves it. When I picked her up she told me all about her day...how she met 2 friends, Emily and Olivia, how she played super hero dogs on the playground with Matthew (yes...her friend from pre-k is in her class-yay!) and 2 other boys, how Ms. Kenner told her she was so smart, how she raised her hand and knew all of the answers to the questions that were asked. She also commented on how much less playing there was in kindergarten compared to pre-k:) I just know she is going to soar this year, she is such a smart girl and soaks up information so easily. We are so very proud of this girl:
2. Someone (Sherri, sorry it has taken me so long to respond!!!) asked me a while ago about the photos I post with the rounded corners. I use the rounded corner action from the CoffeeShop blog, which you really need to check out for tons of free and awesome actions!
3. There is a really cool site, Paper Coterie, and they have so many cute things to do with photos! There is a free $40 credit code that is valid until August 31st. The code is BEGINANYWHERE. I ordered this box, which measures 9.75x13 inches to stores all of A's kindergarten creations in:)
4. Kieran is liking this new found freedom to play with Aislynn's toys while she is at school. As soon as we got home from dropping her off, he pulled out some of her toys and took full advantage of her not being there to stop him;)
5. Today, Aislynn starts ballet again. She found her recital outfit from a year and a half ago and decided she wants to do it again. I am so so happy about this:)
6. Have you made these chicken taquitos I linked a couple weeks ago? I have made them 2 more times since I originally posted about them. They are seriously our favorite new dinner, sooo yummy!
7.I had 2 cards picked up for the January 2012 issue of CARDS:)
8. Have you checked out the August kit from My Scrapbook Nook? I am having so much fun playing with the kit. The bright colors are totally up my alley. I think when Mr. K takes his nap, I am going to play with it some more, for this MME blog challenge;)
9. In other Nook news, there is a virtual crop planned August 19th and 20th, so mark your calendars. The crops are so much fun, the challenges are inspiring, and the prizes are pretty awesome too;)
10. My goal is to try a new recipe each week, this week I want to try these pork tacos. Looks yummy, yes?

Happy Tuesday friends!


Rileysmom said...

I new A would love school, this so exciting. Riley's not as excited as A :(, but hopefully she will get there. I love how she said there wasn't as much playing time...too cute. Hope to see you soon....i will let you know as soon as my scrap room is open....

Candace Prado said...

Oh WOW! What a great start for A! I am so happy to hear this report and that you got to "SEE" her in her element!

I am going to get scrappy - you always motivate me too - this evening when everyone settles down. I have some ideas - just wish I could SUPER SCRAP them at MOCK speed to keep up with the projects in my head!!

Sherri said...

Congrats on A's big day! It all starts to move a wrap speed now. Congrats on the Cards publications. I was sad to not have had anything picked up, but I'll keep trying. You've been rocking the Aug kit. I'm still waiting on mine :( Great list once again, my friend!

Melissa Mann said...

I found you through the Ormolu website! Where are you at in the panhandle? I'm in Pensacola :-) I'll have to take a browse through your blog later this evening! Have a great day :-)

Shel said...

Those pork tacos do look so yummy! I must try them! Tonight I'm making boring ol' beef tacos because I don't have any pork in the house, but next week...I'm in!

Yay on A's big day and I KNEW she would love kinder. Who doesn't love it? Heehee