Tuesday, March 4, 2008

2 More Days!!

2 more days until we leave for Las Vegas! Shaun told Aislynn tonight she was going to get to see Grandma soon, but she thinks "soon" is like 5 minutes away, so she kept asking for her the rest of the night. We also went to get ice cream tonight-I know it's cold, but we ate inside, lol. Aislynn said, "Ice cream is very tasty, but it is cold." She is getting so good at saying sentences! Sometimes she is trying to say one and she pauses and you can see her little face concentrating on what she is about to say-so cute! I think she is phasing naptime out, b/c I really don't remember the last day she took a nap, yikes! But she is going to bed earlier and sleeping later, so that's okay. Here is a pic I took of running around-she is so busy! Yay, I actually got her looking at the camera!
Don't you just want to kiss those sweet cheeks?
Her hair looks red in these pictures!
Uh oh, no more pictures Mommy-read me books like you said you were going to:(

I am so proud of myself, I am trying to take pictures everyday(I've done really good!), and I didn't get anything scrappy done, but I guess taking pictures counts, lol. I probably won't get to scrap until after our trip. I am cleaning and doing laundry b/c I hate to come home from vacation to a messy house, oh well!