Sunday, March 16, 2008

Woo hoo-warm weather!!!

Today the weather was absolutely gorgeous!! Aislynn played outside in shorts-I love spring!! But along with warm weather brings mosquitos, they were out tonight in full force. We braved the tourist traffic and went to Target. Man, it is so easy to spend money Easter stuff, some outdoor things for Aislynn to play with (including this really cute inflatable pool that has a giraffe slide), new bathing suits, and I really don't know what else!! I could go into Target everyday and fill up the cart...just ask Shaun;) Here are the latest pictures, I took the one below a couple days ago, when Aislynn insisted she didn't need a nap...she did take one yesterday though! I just love this one of her face-I love kissing those sweet cheeks!
Here she is "catching a fish" again. I think I need to do a page about this-every time I take pictures outside I have one in the series of her doing this, lol.
I love action mode!! Well, I just love our new camera-the old one just does not even compare!
Cutie pie! Seriously, I know I'm biased, but how could anyone resist that face?

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day-don't forget to wear your green! Hopefully some of my pre-orders I did will start trickling in this week-keep your fingers crossed!!