Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter!!!
It's been a few days since I updated this, so this is going to be a giant post! We are pretty much done with the Easter festivities, Aislynn really had a blast! She loved dying eggs, she did dump one of the cups of dye over, but she had fun and she kept showing Shaun all the eggs in different colors-it was cute! She also loved her basket and of course the candy! She keeps asking for another "skittle," but she means jelly beans. She had the BEST time looking for eggs, it was so cute! I knew she would really get into that! Nothing much else is going on around here, I have to tell you about the super cute thing Aislynn said yesterday morning. She was watching a soccer game with Shaun:
A: He's kicking.
A: He's running.
S: That's right.
A:Is he okay??
S: Yes, that's called a header (a player hit the ball with his head)
A: He fell down.
S: Look bud, he got a goal.
A: He got a hug! (The players were all hugging each other after the goal)
I love her commentary on the game, so adorable!
Shaun and I rented Atonement last night, I have to say I wasn't a fan. It was directed well, and the cinematography (I hope I spelled that right!) was gorgeous, but the flow of the movie was sort of choppy and the story was just not that compelling to me b/c there was very little character development. And the music had this type-writing sound and at first it was cool, but it got annoying after awhile. Oh well!
Now to the pictures, these are from Aislynn eating dinner last night, she loves to entertain people at the table-she was being such a goof, and I love how her hair is all crazy!

Here she is blowing bubbles, she loves this! She kept yelling "wait bubbles, wait!" Happy girl!! Love that smile!
Here we are dying eggs-this was before she dumped the cup of dye over b/c she still has clothes on! After that is was just her diaper.

Easter basket time-her first peep, I don't think she know what to really think about it!Huntung for eggs...This is for a challenge I did over at That is another awesome kit site-I think I will get my kit from them tomorrowcan't wait!!!!
This page is for a challenge at You had to do a page based on an advertisement.

Here is the advertisement I used.

Well, we don't have anoy other big plans this weekend, just to play, Aislynn got play-dough in her Easter basket, so maybe we will break that out, I'm sure she will love it...and hopefully will not eat it, lol. Happy Easter everyone!