Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back from Vegas...

We got back in town kinda yesterday-we flew in to Tallahassee and we drove back to our house today, whew I am exhausted! I am in laundry land and Aislynn is acting a little clingy, but that is normal after not seeing us for 4 days:( The last day I really started missing her bad, my Mom told me she was rubbing her nose on the phone when she talked to me (she was trying to give me an eskimo kiss), that made me sad. She had a blast with Grandma and Aunt Brynne and all the boys (James, Uncle Andrew, and Uncle Phillip!) Anyways, here are some pictures and highlights from our trip!

This picture we took right before we went into the airport -we were excited-we had no idea our flight had been delayed 2 hours either! (We had bad luck with our flights going and coming back-no hurry to fly anywhere soon!)

This was our view from our hotel room-we stayed at Mandalay Bay-I took one at night-it looked much cooler, but the glass made there be a bad glare in the picture. There is a sister hotel called THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay, and there is a club called Mix at the top of that one-Amazing view of the strip. Even the bathroom stalls had views, lol.

This is a picture of the glass flowers on the ceiling in the lobby of the Bellagio-they are gorgeous in real life!!

This was the top of the Theatre when we saw "O," a Cirque Du Soleil show. In the beginning of the show the pointy thing comes down and there is a lady on a trapeze doing awesome tricks. The show was really cool, I would recommend it! It is amazing what people can do with their bodies!

This is the replica of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Casino. You can go up to the top, we did when Aislynn was about 2 months old, but we didn't do it this time. Anyways, it is one of my fave things on the strip, esp. when it's all lit up.

We took this in our hotel room before we went to dinner Satuday night. We had to be very creative making a tripod to use the self-timer-we didn't bring our real tripod with us. It involved an ironing board, waste basket, some books, and a tissue box, lol. It worked pretty good!

We went to dinner at Delmonicos in the Venetian (WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT-YUMMY!) and walked around the Palazzo (The Venetian's new sister Casino)-they had this cool waterfall thing.

Doesn't he look handsome in that color??

This is Shaun's dessert at Delmonicos-an individual pecan pie, I got white chocolate creme brulee. It was good, but we went to Mesa Grill (a Bobby Flay restaraunt) and their dessert was the best. Delmonicos food was better though, and the atmosphere and service was better too.

This was at the end of our trip, a self-portrait shot. We had a ton of fun, gambled and lost a little, but that's okay...we were not expecting to win!

So now we are trying to get back in the swing of things, definetly need to stop eating out...some of my pants are a little tight, lol.

I had 2 packages waiting for me when we got back, one from A Walk Down Memory Lane, and the other was from my secret sister from the Hard Core Critique Group-yay, what nice surprises! I can't wait to use them...hopefully tonight...in between loads of laundry!


Stacey Michaud said...

Pam, beautiful photos. Looked like you had fun! Love your blog!