Monday, March 31, 2008

Yay...and boo:(

Hello! I hope everyone had a great weekend! We did, pretty uneventful, but still a good weekend! Aislynn was acting pretty good for the most part, but she still had her moments!! Here are some CUTE pictures I took of her in the car on Friday. She always comments on certain things when we drive by them, so I thought I would do a page to document this. Anyways, here are the pictures:

She fell asleep and I just couldn't resist,,,do you see the drool?

Here she is at Kilwin's-our most favorite ice cream destination! The last time she had an ice cream cone, it fell to the ground, so we have been getting her cups. We decided to try a cone again she did great! Although she still wanted Mommy's ice cream cone (I think she knows the kinds Shaun and I get are more bad for you, hee hee!).
I love this one:)
She fell asleep on the couch! She was sitting next to me and I looked over and there she was asleep-soooo cute! I love that she is holding Baba! She slept like this for about 45 minutes!
There's that drool again!
Here is what I've been up to last night and Friday night I think? Or maybe Thursday? Anyways, I am IN LOVE with My Mind's Eye 29th St Market collection (in layout below)-it's so pretty!!

Can you tell I was excited about scrappin' those pictures? They were so cute and I was also excited about using that Sassafras Lass paper-soooo cute and so perfect for those pictures!
This one I am not a fan of, I think it's the size? I hardly do 12x12 anymore. But I love the picture-Aislynn was about 7 months in it. I used this with the Feb. A Million Memories kit (except the chipboard).

So now for the reason for the title of the post-We got a new t.v. and couch and bookshelves for the extra bedroom upstairs-we are going to make it into a den. That's where my scrapbook closet is...I still need to take pictures of it...and it's right next to Aislynn's room so she can go from room to room. I also ordered the April Freckle Friends kit-yay-it's so pretty! And 4 packages of thickers-can you say addicted-I love those things though!!

For the boo part-we went to Fresh Market today-LOVE that place, and the last time we were there we discovered these things by Sticky Toffee Pudding Co-little yummy moist pudding cakes. So we stocked up...Shaun had a dream last night that we bought a whole case-we did buy 6 though! Well, they had no nutrition information so we looked it up-those suckers have 450 calories and like 30 grams of fat-YIKES! I was totally recommend them, but that is pretty bad for the size of the we are sad...we won't be getting those anymore:(

Okay, not much else going on (I know you are pretty excited by this post!), and Shaun is hanging the t.v. on the wall right now so I better go help him. I will hopefully get to scrapbook tomorrow...