Sunday, March 2, 2008

First Post

So this is my very first blog post. I am not sure what to say, but I guess it will just take practice. Soon I won't be able to be quiet, lol. I guess I will just talk about today, we took Aislynn to this pretty cool playground today and she had a blast, she is in love with the swings. She did not want to leave, but I subtley bribed her with a juice box. The weather rocked today-it was a gorgeous blue sky and no clouds, and the temps were in the high 60's. This week I moved my scrap room upstairs and I guess I unplugged the camera battery charger. I charged the battery for the camera, but since it was unplugged it didn't charge:( So no pictures at the park, I was very sad. Aislynn hasn't taken a nap today, but she is being pretty sweet, she will just go to bed early and that leaves more scrappy time for me-yay! I have been wanting to work on this picture frame for her room, so maybe I will do it tonight. I still have tons of Christmas pictures to scrap, but am not feeling in the Christmas mood, hee hee. Oh well, I am definetly not a chronological scrapper, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

Here are some pages I completed Friday night:

This page was really fun to make, I love all these shots of Aislynn on the beach, and I love the bright colors against the Kraft paper background (quite possibly my favorite thing to scrap with!).

The Stocking layout I lifted from my pal Louisa-thanks girl! The rolled edge and distressed look is something I keep putting on my pages, but I am in love with the look right now!
Okay, you will have to forgive the one page being at the top of my post, it may take me a couple tries to get this blog thing figured out. Well, take care, I am off...


Anonymous said...

Hi Pam! I'm so special! I'm the first comment and you even mentioned me in your FIRST post! You rock! Big HUG to you! One to Aislynn too!