Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What is today??

Today I had no concept of what day it was since our travel was so messed up and we didn't get home until yesterday. Aislynn and I went to the store-yay we have food in the house! She actually behaved for me except for when I was getting meat. She demanded that the old man next to me give her his list (except she referred to it as "my" list), and he just ignored her the whole time. Then when he walked away, she kept yelling "Come back here" in the same tone I yell that at her, lol. Goof. Here are some pictures I took today of her: Doesn't she look so sweet and innocent in this picture? Well, looks are deceiving, ha ha. The hat was a last minute thing because she had just eaten lunch and dumped applesauce on her head, so her hair was crunchy:)
This one cracks me up!
This one she is "catching a fish." At Halloween she played that Go Fish game at this carnival where you throw the stick with a string behind the tarp and someone behind the tarp attaches a little prize. She remembers this, so when we go outside she picks up a stick and pretends to catch a fish.
Here she is washing her hair.
I just thought this picture was sweet, and I had to share!
I am about to scrapbook right now, just wanted to update and will hopefully have something fun to share tomorrow!