Sunday, October 24, 2010

300th post

This is my 300th post, wow! I added a new widget (well, new to me~totally copying some friends here!)) that at the bottom of my post it says you might like...and then lists 3 other posts. I love this. I love going back and reading through old posts...this is basically my online journal/scrapbook combined. Thinking that at the end of 3 years, I will print this into a book. Anyways, our fall-ish weather is gone, and now it's hot again...although it looks like cooler temps (for FL!) are in the 10 day forecast. This weekend Aislynn and I made this little graham cracker spooky house. She had soooooo much fun making it...and lots of fun eating candy (that's what it's really all about, ha ha).
She wanted to make a scary face when I was taking her picture with the house:)
Aislynn was sitting on one of these pillows and Kieran plopped down next to her, and she read him a story. It was so cute and I can't wait until he gets a teeny tiny bit more patient and wants her to read to him all the time...right now he is mainly go-go-go.
She is reading him "Moo, Ba, La La La" by Sandra Boynton. We discovered her when A was a baby, and it is so much fun to read these books again with K. And now the books have the chewed spines from Aislynn AND Kieran, lol. This book ends like "What do you say?" and Kieran always says "la la la," so that is what he is saying in the above picture;) Today was lazy day, but Friday night Brynne and Sean came over for dinner and to hang out. It was fun! Aislynn went to the circus with her friend from school, so she was really surprised when she got home and Aunt Brynne was there!!! I have lots of projects I want to do this week+A's Halloween party at school and then Halloween! I can't wait to show the pics of the kids in their costumes, they are so cute!!!
Oh, I also wanted to share a cute story...when I went to pick up Aislynn on Friday, she pulled a button out of her pocket that she had found on the playground and she said "Mom, I found a button and I saved it for you to scrapbook with. You can put it in your button jar." Hee hee, that made me smile so big:)


Jakki said...

okay now i am totally doing the spooky gramcracker house. that's such a cool ideal. and its easy to make icing and i have a ton of soy milk cartons to prop it up on ... just some mixed candys from henery (local farmers market that sells cool bulk stuff like candy and nuts) and ta-da! spooky house, logan can even make one ... if he doesn't eat it first.

Scrap Candy said...


Happy 300th! When you find a printer to get your blog made into a book can you pass along the info. I found Blurb, but I can't commit to getting it arranged for the life of me!!

I so think that you should frame that last pic of A reading to L. It is a perfect shot!!!!

Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

Wow, 300 posts. Have you ever figured out how to download your blog for a backup and permanent record while maintaing the format?

I love the photos of A reading to K. I also caught up on your other posts since the camping visit. You are so good at capturing the children in their activities without posing them in photographs.


Shel said...

I looooooove when the older kids read books to the younger kids!!! Zoey actually brings books to Matt and Lil to read to her and I need to grab my camera next time!

Love your graham cracker house! So sweet!

rcprncss said...

Your children are so precious. I love the last picture of A reading the book. So sweet!

Brynne said...

the house sure looks tasty! gosh 300 is a lot, i have a long way to go till i get even close to that, ha maybe once I have kids. the button things is so sweet.