Tuesday, October 26, 2010

picking the perfect pumpkin

does not result in the perfect pictures. Especially when you have one kid who just wants to climb on the pallets the pumpkins are stacked on and one is who is search of the fattest pumpkin. I quickly gave up with the pictures, but here are some I got when we went to the local elementary school to snag a few pumpkins to carve.
This one cracks me up. Not only is A closing her eyes, but my scarecrow wouldn't look through the hole...at least you can see the back of his head;)I have a lot like this:)
This was a winner, plus one that she couldn't carry.
And the 2 pumpkins this morning before A went to school. Yes, they are in Curious George trance, but I like this picture all the same:) I think they are both getting sick:( They have both had runny noses for 2+ weeks. A's snot isn't clear anymore so I am guessing sinus infection. Kieran is cutting a tooth+is congested, so he is cranky and has decided that a new wake-up time falling between 5-5:30 is good. Hoping this blows over very quickly:)


Scrap Candy said...

I am glad that you finally lucked out and got some large pumpkins (after that unfortunate trip to the patch)!

Love the kiddos on the couch in a trance!! I would love to curl up on the couch right about now!

rcprncss said...

I always enjoy your pictures of your children. Makes me smile. :)