Thursday, October 28, 2010

17 months

He is 17 months today, so may as well do a current K-list too:)
"Ho?" He says this even when he hears a phone ring...
Oh, it's for me:)
He loves playing with cars, trains, or anything with wheels and says "voo voo" as he pushes them. Sometimes he looks out the window on the door and says "voo voo" when a "ca" drives by.
He loves "bla" or blocks too. He leaves quite a trail from his room to the living room. Other things:
  • He's got 13 teeth and working on some others
  • When you stop him from doing something he wants to do...he goes boneless...and sometimes lays down and cries (yep, he's that kid).
  • He looooooooves to bring you shoes and says "sh" when he gives them to you.
  • If I say shhhh and put my finger to my mouth, he says "ssss" and puts his finger in his nose.
  • He knows just where the snack cabinet is in the kitchen and points to it and says "ch" for cheerios or "cra" for crackers.
  • Aislynn asks me to spell words a lot, so now, when I am spelling one, Kieran helps by saying "o" or "a."
  • Loves to play peek-a-boo...but more advanced. Now he hides behind something (blanket, door, etc.) or we do, and he yells "boo!"
  • calls Curious George "ooh ooh ah ah"
  • His favorite books right now include: Moo Ba La La La, Brown Bear Brown Bear ("Bow Bow Bow Bow"), Horns to Toes, I Kissed the Baby, The Boo Hoo Baby, and The Foot Book.
  • He really is good at entertaining himself, it is so fun to watch him and see what he will do next.
  • Him and Aislynn play pretty good together, they like to play tag, or sometimes she puts his sock on her hand and sings him silly songs.
  • He doesn't like socks on his feet at all...I always just wait until we get somewhere, then put them on, then his shoes. Sometimes they stay on then.
  • When we are eating out, every time a new person walks into the restaurant, he says Hi and waves.
  • Gives Mama kisses about 95% of the time I request them...sometimes he even comes up to me and says "Mmmmmwah" and gives me one:) I love that:)
That's all I can think of right now! A has got her Halloween party at school tomorrow, so that will be fun! Kieran and I are going to join the festivities!


Brynne said...

gosh the cute boy is growing up way too fast! I hope yall had fun at A's Halloween party. I can't wait to see costume pics! Love ya

Scrap Candy said...

I'm sure glad K is a Florida boy...because socks are such a necessity up north right now -- we hit 37 degrees over night. Hee hee.