Wednesday, October 6, 2010

well hello there

It's been awhile. I blame it on the monster that arrived at our house, but thankfully left as soon as Kieran recovered from the sickies. Seriously, that kid was sooooo irritable and cranky when he was sick, which left me irritable and cranky too. So what have we been up to? Last week my Mom came to spend the day with us and brought Aislynn her birthday present, which was a new bike! Here she is trying it out:
Aislynn and Grandma: Then last Saturday, my Dad brought his RV down and camped out. That night we went over for a fire and smores. Aunt Brynne also was there:)
The cracker in his hand makes me smile.
A was scared to get too close to the fire, which worked out for her because while Brynne roasted marshmallows, A snacked on chocolate and marshmallows.
The next day, we went over to the campsite to hang out. This guy couldn't resist the bowl of water to play in:)
She was all excited because I told her we could hike on a trail. She packed a backpack and put on her "explorer" hat.
Using a magnifying glass from her bag to examine a monarch butterfly.
About to hike. I loooooooooove this baby carrier, it is so comfy. I wish I had gotten it when K was a newborn!
Aislynn took this one, I didn't even crop it! She did good!
Now she has her binoculars. She told me that instead of being Dora the Explorer, she was Aislynn the Explorer. Oh, and nature called while we we hiking and when she was done going in the woods she said "I feel like an animal!" Ha ha!
This was the back of my Dad's campsite:
My brother Andrew and his girlfriend came, and then everyone came over to our house Monday night for dinner but I didn't take any pictures-shame on me! It was great seeing everyone, and I wish we could get together more often. And here are a couple of the man:
This one totally cracks me up...goofy boy:)
So glad to have my sweet boy back! I will *try* to be a better blogger. BUT, our laptop died (boo hoo) and that was the main computer I used. So I am getting used to Shaun's old desktop, which has a keyboard where the "m" "c" and "y" keys don't like to work...very annoying. I will say that it is sort of refreshing not going on the computer so much:) Hope everyone is doing well:)


Scrap Candy said...

Your title makes me smile. My aunt says it just like that everytime we see her for the first time in a long while "well hello there"!!!

Love these bright sunny faced pics. Which reminds me that I purchased all of the stuff for smores this summer (including strawberry flavored marshmallows for a switch!) and we never did start the bonfire!! :( hmmm maybe a crispy fall evening!!

I love a good family get together -- and yours is one beautiful family!!!

Rileysmom said...

First, these are some of the best pictures ever. K is such a cutie..hard to believe he was cranky...:) Love Aislynn the Explorer too.

Shel said...

Looks like so much fun! We don't have a fire pit in our yard, so we make smores on the gas grill. Hahaha

I cannot believe how much Kieran looks like Shaun! Holy Crapola! He is a spitting image!!!

Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

It was freat visiting you and the children.


rcprncss said...

Gosh, Pam! Your kids are growing so fast! It's been so long since I came to visit your beautiful family! These pictures are wonderful! Looks like a great time!

Brynne said...

I had fun seeing all of you too and I miss you already. I love the pic of K sitting on top of the lid to the storage cube with the goofy grin, too funny. Those smores sure were tasty, the best part of camping too!