Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A-right now

snapped this one before school today and thought I would post the current A-list:)
  • She eats salad now and claims it is her favorite veggie (ranch dressing is a must though!). She calls the cucumbers in the salad zucchini.
  • She has some pink tennis shoes that she calls her lucky shoes and she wants to wear them everyday. According to her, they are lucky because they help her run fast and jump high.
  • Whenever we tuck her in at night, and I am walking out the door, she says "Cozy tight!" instead of sleep tight.
  • Her and her friends at school like to draw each other pictures. Everyday one of them is bringing the other pictures. So cute!
  • She has decided she doesn't want to do ballet anymore. I am totally bummed. I think it's because she is tired of the long drive into Destin everyday for school and she wants the weekends free. I don't blame her and we aren't going to make her do it. She did say she wants to take piano instead.
  • She is quite the social butterfly. When I drop them off, she is greeted by her friends and gets hugs from them. She has made friends in the other preschool class too...when I picked her up from art class yesterday, she had to introduce me to some new pals:)
  • She is definitely more into specific gender traits. She gets mad if Kieran holds something pink because it is too girly. Working on this one...her friend Matthew said he would have pink frosting on his cake at his Batman birthday party for her (I think he has a crush on her, hee hee).
  • Yesterday she said she loves Kieran so so so so much and that she has him in her heart:)
  • When we carved pumpkins, she was waiting patiently for Shaun to get a candle and she patted one of them and said "Don't worry pumpkin, you'll be a jack-o-lantern soon."
  • On October 1st, I made a paper chain with Halloween scrapbook paper and everyday she cuts a link off. She is always very excited to tell Shaun and I how many days are left until Halloween:)
  • She would rather have a ham, cheese, and mustard sandwich now then pbj.Carved our pumpkins last night, this was the map of what she wanted Shaun to carve on the "fat" one. She decided the circle mouth wasn't necessary.I used a pattern for the one on the left. Aislynn picked that one because it looked "princess-y."After we carved them. Kieran was in bed waaaay early yesterday because I couldn't ever get him to take a nap, but it was fun hanging out just the 3 of us. I could tell it meant a lot to Aislynn too:)


Scrap Candy said...

Oh this is so wonderful. I am glad you keep doing the UPDATES. I wish this is something I had from a few years back!

I love the glowing lanterns. I will try and remember to take on of ours on halloween night!!!

Shel said...

All of those tidbits of info about A are adorable but the one that has my flabberghasted is...that she eats mustard on her sandwiches? WOW! Impressive!!! Hehehe

Brynne said...

love the pumpkins, gosh i cannot even remember the last time I carved a pumpkin. Glad to see A in the hoo jammies i got her!