Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Red is no longer the favorite color of this one. It is pink. This makes me a bit sad. One of the things I've noticed since Aislynn has been in school is that she is conforming a bit. She recognizes gender roles more so now and wants everything to do with girly. No boy toys, colors, etc. allowed. Other little things/changes too. I suppose this couldn't be related, and it probably is a phase and part of being around other kids. But I want her to be her own person. Not just like pink because all of the other girls do. Sometimes this parenting thing....sigh. Really wish they came with instructions, hee hee;)
She picked out this outfit herself, all pink! In other news, I have decided to set up another blog, Sew Craft Bake. It will be primarily a craft blog and this one will be mostly personal, but I will tell you when I update that one if you read my blog for craft purposes:) Go check it out and tell me what you think!


Shel said...

Pink is the new black...LOL

Lily is so non-conformist. This too shall pass, my friend!

Unknown said...

Pretty girl...nonetheless. You're pulling on my heart strings - I want this too! It is so difficult to see them "experiment" with ideas that everyone else liked first. But the way I look at it is WE give them plenty of their own experiences away from others, and soon enough they will see how to convince their friends that they need to try out their way too. It is always a process!! Stay strong to your spirit and she will have a perfect reason to stay strong to hers too!!

Brynne said...

Hi! I love the new blog! Speaking of baking, I am making pumpkin bread right now, yum. She looks so grown up in the pic of her standing up