Thursday, October 21, 2010

bath boy

This guy looooves his baths. Usually we are crunched for time to get the kids into bed before bedtime so he usually just gets a quick one. Aislynn and Shaun were running errands in the afternoon, so I decided to give him his bath early and let him play. He loved it:)
Man, that kid is cute and has an awesome personality:) P.S. In the kid's bathroom we have a big window, and I opened the blinds to let in the beautiful light (that room has the best natural light in the house!) to take these. Yay for no harsh bathroom lighting!


Scrap Candy said...

That bottom left pic of K is so YOU! I can see your smile and eyes in that CUTE face!! I know you hear alot of the time how he looks more like S - but I see you right there!

Shel said...

Jealous! Our bathroom has a huge skylight, but no other windows, so lighting is okay, but not great! Adorable pics! Bathtime is our favorite time!!! (Kids bathe every other night and stay in the tub to play for a Looooooooong time!)

rcprncss said...

Gosh, he is so darn cute!