Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Week in the Life: Monday

A typical breakfast: cereal+applesauce for K, kashi cereal for me, cheerios for A, and we all indulged in the cantaloupe. Waiting for breakfast...seriously Mom, what's up with the camera? Get in the kitchen and get me some food:)
Coloring while she waits...I plan to scan the picture (a lizard with a fancy hat, crawling into a hole) to add in the album.
After breakfast, A watching Sesame Street, K playing on the floor, me drinking coffee and checking e-mails, blogs, etc.
I think this baby is the toy of the week.
K not taking a nap.
Finally K fell asleep, so us girls headed out to plant some seeds (jalapeno peppers and cilantro). A made the planter at the festival last Saturday, we painted it Sunday, and planted the seeds Monday.
Gardening is hard work, so we had to have some Popsicles:) Aislynn took this picture.
Playing teacher Barbie.
That ball in K's right hand=his toy of the week. He crawls around holding it, takes it into the car, errands, loves it.
Both kids took an afternoon nap (VERY rare for A and we payed for it later...she finally fell asleep around 11 p.m.), so I did some chores...
and watched Morning Joe (thank you dvr). Normally, I am drinking my 2nd cup of coffee now and Shaun is drinking his first, and we are watching this. It was especially nice today since both kids were asleep (normally K is playing and A is coloring or they are having an afternoon snack).
Dinner. Turkey sandwiches for all, but only A got this cool plate:)
Bedtime story. Although K wouldn't stop staring at the tripod. Anytime that thing was present he was wondering what it was, see lunch photo above:)
Watching Life (thank you dvr). Then we read stories and put her to bed.
Scrapping for me.
*Quotes from Today*
  • After going outside for less than 1 minute, Aislynn runs back in saying she saw a bee, then: "Bees make me freak out."
  • After Kieran reaching for Aislynn's apple at lunch, she told him: "Maybe someday, when you're 16 or 20, you can have an apple."
  • After Shaun changed some light bulbs upstairs: "Mom, we need to have a party for Dad tomorrow because he saved the day."
  • While watching Life, specifically the part about chimpanzees...Oprah kept calling them chimps, and Aislynn said, "What are they, chimpmunks?"


Scrap Candy said...

Absolutely glorious! I am so glad I have you to model this first! This is goig to be an amazing album to have. I can't wait to start mine!!!

Shelstan said...

OK -- so how many weeks do you do this for? That was A LOT of work for just one week! Or was that one day? OMG! I'll never be able to do it! I quit!!