Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Week in the Life: Friday

Coloring (this is def. what she loves to do!!!!) Sleepyhead...he ended up taking a really long morning nap since he did not sleep so good the night before. I think he is teething (might explain all the biting lately...).
The picture she was coloring earlier...
Coloring again!
Laundry and watching Curious George. And if you're wondering about the pj pants...I am usually wearing comfy pants until we go somewhere, and as soon as we get back home, I change into them:)
A morning snack.
Replaced the batteries in the bubble maker and she had fun chasing the bubbles.
After lunch, we went to pick up a check from a consignment shop, went to Good Will (got 8 books+a coloring book for less than $6!), and then to the library (if you look close, you can see that Stanley came with us).
He just likes to pull all the books off of the shelf.
After the library, we headed to our health foods store (I am really loving this store!) and got smoothies and picked up some bacon so we could have breakfast for dinner. Then K took a nap, A watched her new Pony movie from the library, and I was reading a new magazine that came in the mail.
Fresh clean sheets after an accident last night.
One of many diaper changes during the day, lol!
Spending some time together after dinner (we ended up having leftover enchiladas).
Starbucks run (coffee for S, chai for me, and shortbread cookies for all), then Publix for a few things. After the kids went to bed (no baths tonight!), I sewed Aislynn's straps because she has to get her ballet pictures taken today. Planned on cleaning bathrooms and going to bed early, but then Shaun and I ended up watching something about Timothy McVeigh on msnbc and then got into a long conversation about politics, religion, etc:) So going to bed early didn't quite pan out, but there's always tonight:)


Scrap Candy said...

leftovers and conversations that change the way your plans were SUPPOSED to go are what make the days so perfect. I'm glad this day brought you BOTH!!