Friday, April 23, 2010

A Week in the Life: Thursday

Mid week laundry. Watching Curious George.
Blah, dishes...
Doing a Fancy Nancy puzzle while I put Kieran down for a nap.
Playing computer games on
A little snack to hold me over until lunch: almonds
Sweet boy is up from his nap...check out that wild hair!
Lunch time. I usually pull everything I need so I don't have to keep opening the fridge.
Salad+hard boiled egg+apple for me, cereal+squash+half of a cheese stick for K, carrots and ranch dressing+apple+pb sandwich+apple juice for A.
This was the picture A colored earlier...I love it!!! We have an orange, carrot, milk, blueberries, grapes, an apple, potato, banana, strawberry, toast, and watermelon. I love what she wrote too!! She said she wants to hang it in her room to remind her to eat healthy, lol!
Candyland. I won the first game, so we had to play again...thankfully she won that game:)
Fountains. Last week we went and K played, but I didn't plan on him playing, so his clothes got all wet and his poor non-swim diaper was quite saggy. This time I brought his bathing suit:) He is watching A run around here.
He loves his sissy:)
And she loves her brother:)
And a little Stanley preview:)
He gives her baths most nights.
Night night Kieran!
After kiddos went to bed-Shaun went to Starbucks to get more coffee for him+a tall soy no water chai tea latte for me:) Then we watched our usual Thursday night show: Rotten Tomatoes.
We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner and I took a few pics with my phone, but didn't get them off yet. We've got some errands to run today and then it's more chores..I have been majorly procrastinating on some cleaning!


Scrap Candy said...

Gotta love the laundry and dishes endless cycle that they are. You know, the more I enjoy watching how your days are unfolding, the more I think how this is going to be a wonderful treat for the kids in the future. It completely explains the normalacy of life; mundane or not - it is awesome. We breathe we eat we sleep... And it is just as important to document as the holidays and vacations!!

I am so inspired!!!

Brynne said...

I love the pics of them by the fountains, super cute. Ha that is so funny about Stanley because last week when I went to meetings my District manager brought a Stanley to the meeting that his nephew gave him to take on his travels and I had to be in a pic with flat stanley, ha.