Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Challenge

Yesterday she painted. I taped together 6 sheets of big white paper and let her go crazy on the back patio. I gave her paint brushes, cups, cookie cutters, and showed her how to splatter the paint. I even suggested she use her hands and feet. She kept telling me over and over what fun it was so awesome watching her do this and have full creativity:D She is taking a 2 hour art class Monday and I can't wait to see what she does there!Here is the finished product:I love that she painted "Mom" at the bottom and when she was done she told me she wanted to be a painter in a museum when she grew up. But ONLY a museum with girl painters, no boy painters. Haaaaaaa ha! This guy...always wanting a snack when he is in the high he is eating pasta while I was making dinner yesterday. The onesie he is wearing was Aislynn's. I got it in NY when I was about 3 months pregnant, and I found it in a box in Kieran's closet the other day:) It says "You are my sunshine."
The 2 of them together are quite the sight. All of a sudden, their brother-sister relationship is really blossoming. If Aislynn is irritating Kieran (like getting to close to him or taking a toy from him) he lets her know. And if Kieran will try to take something from Aislynn or pull her hair or lunge for her if she isn't looking at him, she will get mad. But the sweeter and more common side of the story is watching them giggle and laugh together. Aislynn is the queen of making Kieran laugh. Sometimes they are giggling away and I don't even get what's funny:) Today they were playing in this little pool (note to self: check dimensions on box before purchasing-this was waaaaaay smaller than I thought it would be!) and Aislynn was throwing water out of that little tea pot, onto the fence, and from Kieran's laugh, you would have thought this was the funniest thing ever:) His big giggles were making Aislynn laugh so was so so so cute!
The pool was the perfect size for just this guy though... My friend Candi challenged me to take 5 pictures without showing the subject's face, so here goes:
Love the splashing!
This was the perfect challenge to show off cute baby piggies:)
and to show off chubby, yummy baby hands:)
And now I have a challenge for my scrappy friends...make a layout based on this ad:
Here is what I came up with:
Just for fun, I thought I would post this for a challenge. I have quite a few ads I have ripped out for layout inspiration that I will post every once in awhile:)
And here is another page I whipped up tonight, it took me maybe 25 minutes? Something else I wanted to mention to my scrappy friends is about Ali Edward's "A Week in the Life" project. That is next week and I really really really would love for some of you to play along with me!!! I already talked to Shaun about it and he is going to help snap pictures and I am planning to basically leave the camera out of the bag for the whole week. I am also going to keep the tripod set up to help get some pictures too. I want to do this every year, the same week. I think it will be cool to zoom in on all the details and see how those things change from year to year. Anyways, I hope you will play along with me:) Read more on Ali's blog-link under my inspiration links to the right:)


Scrap Candy said...

Okay - I'm in.

You did a great job with those pics of Kieran in the backyard! There's nothing quite like those chubby little fingers and toes in a framed shot.

Looks I've got some homework to start thinking about - this weekend should be perfect for doing it too...

Shelstan said...

1ST - Love the new pic of you! Did you get your hair cut recently? It's adorable!

2nd - Love that K and A are becoming fast friends! That is the sweetest thing ever!

3rd - What a fun challenge that Candi inspired you to do!

4th - I am in for the challenges that you proposed. If I can find the time, I'll make it happen!

Jakki said...

okay im up for your challenge too there :)

im also going to do the week in the life challenge. hmm camera already doesn't live in the bag so its usually out just next to the computer or in the diaper bad. and i can totally copy some of those journaling cards she has up if you want to help me come up with titles or words to put on them, i even have the font she uses. i can make them up for photoshop so all you have to do is print them

and i like you challenge pictures as well. i didn't realize you didn't take many pictures without faces very often ... but the pictures are cool :)

Brynne said...

I love the pics of A & K in the pool, so sweet! I love her painting as well, we may have another little Aunt Brynne artist on our hands. Good luck with your photo challenge.