Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

The nice weather we had earlier this week quickly turned into HOT, almost unbearable. Seems like it came too fast, especially with the colder than normal winter we had down here. That didn't stop us from having a good time though;) We dyed eggs Saturday morning... I gave Kieran an egg to hold, but he wasn't too impressed. He tasted it and then just made this face: After dyeing eggs, we went off to an Easter Event around here. I made sure to put sunscreen on the kids, but neglected to put any on myself. I have a sunburn to prove I was outside:( Aislynn wanted to get her face painted, and I think this is where my sunburn occurred because we waited in line over 30 minutes in the sun, but she really wanted to get this done:
We also saw a really tall guy on stilts making balloon animals that also had a long line, which thankfully Aislynn didn't want one, ha! When she saw him, she said "He must have eaten lots of fruits and vegetables and no dessert to grow so tall." Ha ha!
Then we saw the Easter Bunny. Last year, it was just him, so Aislynn said the girl was his wife. Hee hee, I guess it was time for the EB to settle down:)
She made a hat there, and decorated this egg, which will get fired in a kiln and we will pick it up later this week.
This boy was content taking it all in. He got really excited when Aislynn was wearing her silly hat, he kept wanting to reach for it.
I tried to get the "great" picture of the 2 of them...but that didn't happen:) This picture sums it up pretty good...
And this guy just wanted to chew on his basket. He also thinks that the bunny's ears and tail are tasty:)
We went to go to a big Easter Egg Hunt that said it was starting at 1. We got there 10 minutes early, but they had already done it:( Aislynn was super upset, but when we got home, we took turns hiding eggs for each other in the backyard. It was really funny when Aislynn hid the eggs for me because she would put them in plain sight and then tell me where they were:)
The poor girl was so tired...she got up when she heard Kieran wake up around 6 and she ate a ton of candy all day, so she pretty much crashed pretty early.Hee, this one is my favorite:)
I have been playing around A LOT with my blog. I am not totally done, but I think I like this look the best so far. And a BIG thank you to Jakki-that site is awesome and the rounded corners action worked perfectly:)
Hope everyone had a good Easter and a great weekend!


Scrap Candy said...

Beautiful shades of Easter here! I love it all - including the new blog background! (I must know the rounded corner secret...the trick I know takes too long!)

I am so thrilled to see how sweet a holiday you all enjoyed! YAY!!

now go scrap these - they are too cute!

Brynne said...

I like your new colorful blog too! Glad yall had a good Easter, that Easter event looked fun, and I just love her silly hat she made. Wish I could have been there for Easter like last year but I'll see yall in a few days.

Shelstan said...

First of all, the blog is awesome! Love the new design!

Secondly, what cool bunnies!!! We always have scary bunnies! I purposely didn't take them to see the bunny this year because I didn't want to frighten Z! LOL

Your kids are so beautiful! These pics are better than a posed Easter pic! Love them!

Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

Looks like everyone had a great Easter. Wonderful photos. Ditto for the last two posts as well.