Monday, April 26, 2010

A Week in the Life: Sunday

Had NO accidents in her pull up the night before, so she got a tootsie pop. Still struggling with staying dry the whole night...we've tried numerous incentives and tricks, but after a few days she goes back to wetting her pull up. We picked out some Fancy Nancy and Princess and the Frog underwear at Target yesterday that she can't wear until she stays dry more at night, so we'll see how that works. Any ideas? I know she can do it, so is it just laziness? I don't know... A typical outfit for me...shorts/capris+tanktop+flip flops
What's going on out there?
During K's nap, the tile floors got cleaned.
And books got read.
We then went outside to play, where we had Popsicles first.
Then she put on a circus show for she is walking the tight rope.
And being a lion trainer...the ferocious lion is jumping through the hoop:) I love how she has her hand on her hip;)
A salad for me for lunch: romaine+spinach+green pepper+shredded carrots+bacon+cranberries+hard boiled egg
Making Target and grocery store lists.
A entertaining K.
Laundry. We always get fresh sheets and clean towels on Sundays. Then we headed to eat dinner (Jersey Mike's Subs) and did a Target run.
Came home and he got A's bath done while I put K to sleep. Then she went to bed. I wanted to snap this picture because when they say good night, they do all kinds of different hugs (a bear hug, a princess hug, a barbie hug, a pony hug, and then A usually makes up some). Then Shaun leaves and I tell her a story, and I better not start before Shaun is out of the room-I guess he isn't allowed to hear them, ha ha!
Target goods. Me messing around on the computer and S talking to his Mom on the phone. Then we watched a a House Hunters episode we had dvr'd and chatted some and it was off to bed for me.
This is what I take every night before I go to bed: birth control pill+vitamin+4 Fenugreek capsules (these help with milk production).
I also pull out K's food from the freezer so it can thaw in the fridge overnight. Awhile ago, I started making his pureed food instead of buying the jars (which I still get a few for when we are out and about). We are almost through what I have made, and once we go through them, I won't make anymore because he is pretty good at eating finger foods now.
*A few notes about this project*
  • Taking the pictures was a lot of work and keeping up with taking them was, but I am so glad that I did. I think it will be fun to look back and see all of the little details at this point in time in our lives.
  • I like that the pictures aren't perfect. A lot of them are cropped weird, out of focus, bad lighting, etc. and would not have normally made it on to my blog, but I embraced this project and decided to just go with the flow in capturing.
  • I saved a lot of receipts, scanned the pictures A drew, and kept other little things I might have normally threw away to go in the album. I think this will be neat to go back and look at to see how much things cost.
  • Overall, I think that this was a lot of fun and I am glad I did it...Friday I was getting kinda over it, but I had made it that far, so I pushed through.


Rileysmom said...

I just loved looking at all the pictures this week. You did a great job and i hope you do this every once in awhile! Coming to Tally anytime soon?

Shel said...

You have inspired me so much, Pam!

One thing I did not do was save receipts and odds and ends. I just couldn't do it.

If you do this again, what would you do differently?

Brynne said...

Sounds like a busy week in the life of the Brown's. Miss yall and can't wait to see you at A's dance recital